10 Ways To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

by WorkFromHome on September 12, 2011

If you desire to earn money from home as a freelance writer, there has never been a better time. The Internet is continually growing, and the need for writers is increasing. It is the true Information Age, and freelance writers are its biggest beneficiaries.

To become a freelance writer is relatively simple. You will need a home office to work from, a good computer with high speed Internet access and a good printer. It will help if you have a mobile that you can use for business purposes. Some customers prefer video conferencing, so Skype may be to your advantage. Other than these simple things, many of which you already own, you are ready to become a freelance writer. The last thing you will need to know is ways to make money. The following 10 items should help you on your way to a lucrative work from home freelance career.

  1. News Reporting – There are many smaller news websites that will pay you to submit current news articles to their site throughout the day. You simply pull the news from the major reporting agencies, verify the information by cross referencing the story, write out a synopsis to the length they require, submit to the site and receive payment. Yes, it is that simple.
  2. Writing Tech Manuals – If you have the ability to write in technical terms, there is a large market for your skills on and offline. Technical writing is a niche market that does not have a lot of competition. It also requires the most skill.
  3. Research Writing – Many industries require research information, but do not have the skilled personnel to perform these tasks. Medical and scientific industries are always looking for someone that can perform detailed research. If you can easily comb through mundane information, and take great citations, this is a wonderful way to generate income from home as a freelance writer.
  4. Marketing – Any person or entity that has a product or service to sell. To do this they need the right wording to approach the public. If you have the ability to take words and create great advertisements, pursue this type of work. You will also be able to find a lot of work in this field at local printing companies. These companies continually create brochures, advertising slicks and business related materials that require a professional writer.
  5. Relations Writing – Do you have the ability to make people feel happy about a product, person or subject matter when you write about it? Public relations writers are always in demand. PR firms continually seek out talented freelance writers to assist them in marketing a person or new item.
  6. Content Writers – All websites need text. If your creative skills lean toward Internet writing, you will find endless streams of work in this field. Contact local and international web design firms and pitch your services. You may also work off of a freelance job board for this type of work.
  7. Ghost Writing – This is one of the hardest areas of writing to break into. However, once you become established you will generate a large income. Ghost writers are people that take another person’s idea and write a book. Once written, the book and all its rights are relinquished and they publish it under the own name.
  8. Blogging – There is a lot of money that can be made by creating and managing a blog. Blog writing is a very specific type of writing that you should familiarise yourself with prior to starting this type of work. Once familiar, however, you can make a lot of money blogging each day.
  9. Newsletter Creator – Businesses on and offline know that one of the best marketing tools is to use a newsletter to remind customers about their service or product, while providing them with entertainment or knowledge in a newsletter. Most businesses, however, do not have the staff or time to create this marketing tool. You can contact businesses in your area, or online to become their newsletter writer.
  10. Poetry – It is true that poetry will not make you rich, at least not right away, but there is a call for it in the market place. There are also many writing contests that award large prizes for poetry.

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