5 Productivity Tips For Successfully Working At Home

by WorkFromHome on June 30, 2011

Working from home may seem like a dream job. The thought of waking up in the morning without an alarm clock, rolling out of bed and into the shower at your own leisure, having a cup and a pastry, and finally going to “the office” seems too good to be true. The truth is this type of lifestyle is the exact opposite of what a having a home based business is really like. While there are days that you can get away with this scenario; average days will require you to keep a schedule and be at your best professionally. If you treat your job this leisurely all the time, it is only in reality a hobby.

Everyone is human, however, and motivation can wane. There are 5 ways that can help boost your productivity that apply only to people trying to earn money from home.

  1. Set The Clock Each Day. You need to set a specific time each day to “go to work.” This regulation of your time will help you distinguish between work hours and leisure hours. Regulating when you work will help establish client contact times. Clients must know when they can contact you, especially when you are making money online. A client needs to be able to send an email or make a call and know that they will receive an immediate response. By setting regular hours for your work will also enable you to “walk away” at the end of the day. Ending your day is also very important, because you chose to work from home for more free time, not to work into the night everyday.
  2. Dress For Business. Many people believe that working from home automatically interprets into working in your pyjamas. While it is technically possible for you to do this, it is not professional. When you are dressed for success, even at home, you will be successful. This does not necessarily mean that you have to walk around the home in pumps, but you should be dressed properly. When you dress for garden work, your head is going to be in the garden, when you stay in your night clothes your head remains in bed. When you are in your business clothes, business is accomplished.
  3. Set Limits For Family Members And Friends. All too often when you begin a career working from home your family and friends believe they have access to you at all times. The phone will continue to ring and the door to your office will continue to swing open. While many people have chosen to work from home to spend more time with their family, they also need to remember that they need to earn money from home or face going back to the office. You need to designate time that is specifically for work. During that time family and friends need to know that you are off limit, unless there is an emergency.
  4. Avoid Internet Distractions. When you make money online you are going to be using the Internet, which is just common knowledge. However, it is important that when you are using the Internet for work that you don’t become sidetracked with email, social websites or gamming. You must keep your personal Internet use from becoming intertwined with your business Internet use.
  5. Know When To Stop. Some people, when they begin to make money at home forget the real reason that they decided to work from home: more free time. They become so involved in what they are doing they forget to stop. You must know when it is time to take a break. While determination is an admirable quality in anybody, you can work too much and it can be detrimental. You need to find balance so that your success is not paid for with your health. Set your work hours and stick to them. Occasionally, yes, you will need to pull a long night to meet a deadline, but this does not have to be every day. Working from home should be a pleasure, not a hazard.

By using these simple steps to help improve your productivity, you will see a dramatic change in your work attitude and income level.

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