5 Reasons Why You Should Become A Work At Home Mum

by WorkFromHome on May 21, 2011

The advancements in digital technology and the use of the internet to maintain successful business operations has opened the doors for many mums and entrepreneurs looking to work from home. Whether you have experience as a copywriter, freelancer, web designer, accountant, or blogger, just to name a few, you can easily find legitimate opportunities to showcase your skills while earning competitive hourly wages for your completed work assignments. Whether you wish to start your own business or join an established firm as a contractor or home-based employee, here are five great reasons why now is the best time to become a work at home mum.

  1. The best reason to become a work at home mum is the freedom that working from home allows you. Most work from home mums have exclusive rights over choosing the hours they work and the schedule that best suits their lifestyle. Imagine never having to miss an appointment, event, or child’s school activity. Traditional nine to five jobs offer little flexibility for sick days or emergency situations. When you work from home, you can care for a sick child, run an emergency errand, and even take an extended lunch or break without repercussion or reprimand. Imagine having the freedom to choose your own hours and commuting a mere ten feet to your home office each day.
  2. Another great reason to become a work from home mum is the cost savings associated with working as a contractor, home-based employee, or owning your own business. When you work from home exclusively, you avoid the traditional costs associated with commuting to a traditional job. Costs pertaining to childcare, fuel, meals, professional wardrobe attire, highway tolls, and parking garage fees are virtually eliminated when you choose to begin a work at home career. In addition, there are many substantial financial tax savings for work from home mums. Depending upon your business model, you could potentially write off expenses pertaining to your daily operations. The costs for supplies, inventory, internet service, business phone and fax services, and even some fuel and restaurant costs associated with business-related travel and meetings can be reduced or eliminated during tax time. It is important to check with a reputable financial advisor or accountant; they can provide you with more information on tax-deductible expenses associated with work at home businesses.
  3. One of the best reasons to work from home is that you have the power to make executive decisions at your discretion. When you own your own business, you have the ultimate control over how to market your business, which clients or vendors to work with, how and when to outsource tasks or hire help, and how many hours you would like to work. In most cases, you have complete say over the products and services you use to run your business, which means you have complete control over your profits and expenditures. You can choose to implement new strategies or expand the business when the time is right for you. Even if you choose to work for an established company, providing services or contract-based work, you still have more control over your home office specifications and work schedule than you would in a traditional brick-and-mortar job.
  4. Work at home mums learn invaluable lessons by working from home. You wear many hats when working from home, so balancing, multitasking, and organisation become essential to your success. If these aren’t your strong traits, the good news is that you quickly learn to adapt and incorporate them into your routine simply because you have to. On a typical day at the home office, you can expect to be handling multiple projects or assignments, filing and organising paperwork and bills, and interacting with customers or vendors via email, phone, fax, and by mail. In time, these tasks become second-nature, and this ease of operational success transcends into daily life. You develop more patience by working from home while experiencing a greater reduction in overall stress. You also develop a greater sense of problem-solving skills which will allow you to tackle problems more quickly and efficiently, as they arise.
  5. The greatest benefit to working from home is being able to watch your family grow. When you work from home, you can arrange your schedule to ensure that you can attend important family events, dinners, game or movie nights, or anything that your family enjoys doing together. You can work during the hours that your children and significant other are in school and be there to greet them when they come home.

When you choose to work from home, you can look forward to earning a competitive hourly wage while enjoying freedom, liberation, and flexibility. You can work whenever you choose and for as many hours as you desire, which is priceless for any mum.

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