5 Steps To Becoming A Successful Virtual Assistant

by WorkFromHome on July 30, 2011

Virtual assistants are one of the fastest growing jobs on the Internet. It is expected that this position will evolve into a $200 billion dollar industry by the end of 2012. Currently, virtual assistants account for over $120 billion dollars worth of services.

What is a virtual assistant? It is an executive assistant that provides all of their services from the comfort of their home through the Internet and mobile phones. They perform almost all of the same duties that an office bound assistant performs, but through virtual means.

The increasing number of Internet businesses has made the need for virtual assistants even more prominent. These businesses often do not have land based offices, yet still require the services of an assistant.

Many people wish to transition into virtual assisting. However, if you are not prepared for the transition, becoming a virtual assistant can be more difficult.

5 Steps To Success

  1. Review and Document Skills – One of the best things about becoming a virtual assistant is that you can decide what types of assisting jobs you wish to perform. Before you begin looking for a position, review all of your strengths and weaknesses. Are you a very good correspondent? Do you have skills in organising events? Do you have marketing skills? Do you enjoy office management? Review your skills, no matter how minor, and decide what types of positions you are seeking.

    At this point you may see some skills that you lack, or are interested in acquiring. This may be the perfect opportunity to sign up for some classes to improve your marketability.

  2. Employment or Business – Before you begin to look for work, decide if you are pursuing a telecommuting career (working as an employee), or creating a virtual assistant business (working as a freelancer). This will help you to determine where to look for employment once you are ready.
  3. Create A CV – You will need to have a digital CV, cover letters and possibly samples of your previous work ready to present to potential clients. You may wish to have paper copies of these available if you apply to local companies.
  4. Establish a Website – This is very crucial to your success. You are attempting to become a virtual assistant, you will need to have a virtual presence. Your website can be quite simple. It will need to contain your job skills and contact information. This is also a great tool to use for advertising and promotions.
  5. Find A Position – If you have decided that you wish to be an employee, the first place you need to start searching for a position is online. There are various job agencies that specialise in alternative work. You should also join any work at home forums that were created for virtual assistants. These forums often have the latest news about job positions and openings. You will also learn a great deal from other virtual assistants.

Start submitting your digital CV to various companies on the Internet. Most of the major corporations have online HR departments. The position does not necessarily need to be advertised. The best thing you can do is have a CV on file when the company decides they need to create , or fill, a virtual assistant position. This also holds true with companies that are off line.

If you have decided to offer your services as a business, finding a position should be approached in a different manner.

  • Networking. Your best form of advertisement is to network. Join any local business groups and frequent their events and meetings. You should also make sure that you always have business cards available to distribute. Online networking is just as important. Join any social circles that are centred around your position.
  • Website Promotion. Make sure that you promote your website. This is a great way to find clients from out of your immediate area. Write articles about your profession and post them on ezines. The articles gives you an air of professionalism, and will drive potential clients to your site.
  • Online Business Forums. Make sure that you register with online business forums. This will give you credibility among other business owners. It will also help establish a chain of verification. Many people will not do business with a company until they have been researched on the Internet. Being listed with these sites will create the “paper trail” necessary for research purposes.
  • Freelance Boards. Always check the different freelance boards for positions. Many times these job postings are for single projects, but this can help you establish yourself as a virtual assistant, and generate income.

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