5 Tips For Affiliate Marketers Trying To Earn Money Online

by WorkFromHome on August 11, 2011

The Internet has changed how most companies promote or advertise their products and services. In the past print advertising, through newspapers and direct mailers was the norm. Television commercials and radio broadcasts were utilized by major corporations. Many companies placed demonstration stands in shops to give samples or pass out coupons. Now, with most people receiving a majority of their information from the Internet, they have turned to a new form of promotion: affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing consists of a business paying an individual to drive traffic to their website. Companies will pay for this service in one of three ways. They may pay you per view or click, they may pay you per registration, or you may be paid a percentage of the sale. Some companies will even hold your information and credit you for any repeat sales from that customer for up to a year.

Affiliate marketing is a profitable way to earn money online with little more invested than your time. Listed below are five tips that can help you get started making money from home as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Select Products To Promote With Which You Are Familiar. One of the best ways to promote an affiliate link is through article marketing. Article marketing can be done for relatively little money and generates high traffic. Many people search the Internet for information. When you write an article about a service or product, including your affiliate link, you drive traffic to that site. It is virtually impossible to write articles about products or services that you do not understand. Articles need to be informational and interesting at the same time. If you do not catch your reader’s attention, or they think your information is poor, you risk them moving on to another article.
  2. Create A Personal Website – Or Several. Promoting your affiliate links through a personal website can generate a lot of traffic. This is most commonly done through personal blogs or product information pages. While maintaining a website is not crucial to success, it does provide more ways to promote your links. An additional benefit to having a website which hosts your links is that you can promote your site with article marketing, doubling your traffic.
  3. Create A Mailing List. When you set up your personal website offer a free gift to join your newsletter or mailing list. By creating a mailing list you will increase the exposure of your products to people that have already shown an interest, but may not have made a sale. Just remember, never sell your mailing list information and always comply with spam regulations.
  4. Always Look For New Products To Promote. Even if you have created the perfect list of products to promote, you need to keep your offerings fresh. The Internet has created a very limited attention span in its users, and people will stop returning to your site if there is nothing new to view. In between promoting new products, make sure you add new content to your site to keep the traffic flowing.
  5. Promotion – Promotion – Promotion. An affiliate link that has no traffic is useless. You cannot make money if you do not promote your site and links, it is that simple. There are many ways to promote your site including:
    • Pay-Per-Click. You can promote your links through paid advertising programs such as Google Adsense. The cost of your advertising will have to be negotiated with Google.
    • Paid-To-Read. There are many paid to read email services that will pay their clients to visit your site. Many of these programs will offer additional incentives to their subscribers if a purchase is made.
    • Social Networking. Never overlook the opportunities that you will find by marketing your products on the social network.
    • Place Classified Ads. There are hundreds of places to place free classified ads online. Place ads everywhere and anywhere promoting your links.
    • Don’t Forget Local Marketing. When you work on the Internet it is very easy to forget that there is a real world outside. Don’t pass on opportunities to drive traffic to your site offline. Print a business card with your website and information on it and leave it on bulletin boards, stuff it in envelopes and even leave it on the dinner table with your tip. Every time someone sees your site, you make money.

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