5 Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

by WorkFromHome on May 8, 2011

Imagine a business where you are paid to talk about the things you love and to network with different people right from the comfort of your own home. That is blogging, and for many people, becoming a successful blogger is a dream of a lifetime. Starting a blog is easy, but it is often the process of generating a living from it that can be tricky. With such low barriers to entry, competition is a common thread in the ‘blogoshpere’.

Here are some skills and personal traits that every blogger must possess to help put themselves ahead of the pack.

1. Bloggers must show a unique perspective on things.

There are millions of blogs that now populate the world wide web. To get noticed, a blogger must always strive to write about ideas that have not already been repeated over and over again. As a blogger, it is in your best interest to dig beyond the surface and find topics that can draw and maintain the interest of a wide audience. One good way to judge the worthiness of a blog topic is to ask: Is this story enticing enough for my readers, or will they just scan through it and move on to the next page?

2. Bloggers must be skilled in online social networking.

In the world of web marketing, blogs are sometimes placed in the same category as other social media outlets. This is because blogging is not just a means to disseminate information. More importantly, it is also a tool for building communities on the web. Aside from creating powerful content, bloggers must also stay involved in online forums, social networking websites, and other places where they create relationships with other people. No blogger is going to meet any success simply by typing post after post and expecting results to come automatically.

3. Bloggers must place emphasis on quality instead of quantity.

There are many bloggers who fail because of their false assumption that only the sheer number of their articles will guarantee their success. Hence, they churn one blog post after another with very little regard to its quality. A smarter way to blog is to produce worthy material that serve some value to other people. One well-thought blog post is better than ten junk posts that do not provide useful information. Your success as a blogger is hinged on how well you can establish your name as a reliable source of information. There is no way you can do that by acting as a factory of half-baked ideas.

4. Bloggers should be experts in their subject area.

Being an expert in today’s world is not as complicated as it seems. While some people still use their high educational credentials to promote their credibility, having a hobby or some experience in a particular field can also be used to establish an expertise. In the ‘blogosphere’, people do not judge you based on what is written on your curriculum vitae but on the depth of your knowledge in a certain topic.

5. Bloggers must have the fortitude to stick with their craft.

Even with the best practices, the road to becoming a successful blogger will still be a challenging one. Blogs generally take some time before they can build a sizable audience. That would require a strong promotional strategy and a consistent effort to establish the blog’s brand name. Even then, there is still no guarantee of generating a respectable revenue from the blog. That would require a solid understanding of how to monetize a particular blog, which may involve some experimentation and a lot of research.

To make a living as a blogger, you must have the patience and the sturdy determination to overcome adversities and existing competition. In blogging, there is no such thing as a single path to success. Although there are some basic rules of thumb to keep in mind, much of groundwork in creating a successful blogging career lies in the hands of the bloggers themselves.

The good news is that blogging is a levelled playing field. Virtually anyone can make it big at any time. Despite its challenges, blogging is a rewarding career that offers great financial and personal freedom.

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