8 Ways To Make Your Online Business More Profitable

by WorkFromHome on February 6, 2012

One of the easiest ways to work from home is to create a website and sell an item or service from that website. Many home based business owners have also discovered that you can create a blog and earn a living from home. However, creating a website or blog that keeps the customers returning to your site is the only way that you can ensure that your home based business will be successful. Once you have established your site, the following 8 tips should have your visitors returning for more.

  1. Make Sure You Own Your Domain
    Yes, starting a web page on a free hosting service may sound like it makes good economic sense to a new business that is starting up, but it will cost you in the long run. Potential buyers of your product or service will not feel as comfortable purchasing from a company that is not willing to pay for their Internet services as they would one that owns their own site. While this all may be psychological, consumers will view you as “cheap” and associate this thought with your product.
  2. Advertise Your Privacy Statement
    Consumer’s want to know what you will do with the information you gather from them if they join your newsletter or make a purchase. You should make your privacy statement readily available for customers to review. While this may not seem very important, it is to the consumer. They want to know that they can trust you as a business owner, and trust is the only way a business can be successful on the Internet. As you know, you are asking people to make a purchase without ever meeting or speaking to you in person. You must find ways to build trust if you wish to make the sale.
  3. The Power Of Free
    Another great way to establish trust and build a great clientele is to offer something of value for free on your website. While this generally makes most business owners cringe, on the Internet “free” has an entirely different meaning. For example: If you are selling wood crafts and wood working products, you can offer a free pattern download that is changed once a week. You can offer free video clips on how to complete a project. You can offer a free web-based seminar once a month on a topic related to your site. You can be as innovative as you desire, and incur no additional expenses. Consumers enjoy receiving something for free, and you benefit from the increased traffic and sales.
  4. Review Your Site
    How is the appearance of your site – honestly? Does it look quickly put together or is it professional in appearance? If you hastily put your site up to start your business that is okay. Now is the time to give it a new and more professional look. You can also use this as a promotional event.
  5. Create An Opt-In Email Newsletter That Offers Specials
    Creating an exclusive email newsletter that provides the recipient with special information and coupons is a great way to establish a clientele. Consumers like to believe that they have “special knowledge” or receive “preferential treatment” by receiving the newsletters. As the business owner you can stay in constant contact with your clients.
  6. Establish An RSS Feed
    RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds have become one of the most popular forms of client communication on the Internet. As more people shy away from providing their email addresses from new sites, the ability to join a RSS feed allows them to get updates on your site without having to provide contact information. While this does not help you establish mailing lists, is does keep you in contact with your clients on their terms.
  7. Promote Your Site Online
    You cannot place a website on the Internet and just expect it to be found. You must continually work at promoting your site, and you must take this part seriously. You can promote your site through many avenues on the Internet, many of them being free. Never become complacent when it comes to your site. Dedicate at least one hour each day to promoting your business on the Internet. If you promote on the social networking sites, add at least another hour to promoting the site in other areas. While social networking is good, limiting yourself to this type of promoting will harm your business.
  8. Promote Your Site Offline
    Many business owners forget to promote their site outside of the virtual world. You should never miss an opportunity to pass out a business card about your business and web site. You should take advantage of economical advertising, and you always find an opportunity to tell someone about your business once a day.

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