About Working from Home

With the price of fuel skyrocketing here in Australia and all over the world, the appeal of working from home is easy to understand. After all, wearing comfortable casual clothing, taking a lunch break in your own kitchen and only having to commute from your bedroom to your home office or family room sounds pretty great. While all of those things can be advantages to working from home, there can be many disadvantages as well. Considering both will help you decide whether working from home is right for you.

Advantages of Working At Home

  • For most work at home jobs you can set your own hours. Night owls can sleep in while early birds can get started as early as they wants.
  • Parents of young children can work while their children are at school, stop to pick them up, and then finish working after they go to bed at night. New mums also can take advantage of arranging their schedules around napping babies.
  • You may prefer to deal with your boss and colleagues, if you have any, remotely, through e-mail or over the phone, instead of during long meetings.
  • Taking a break to surf the internet, watch television or run errands will not get you into trouble
  • Forget business casual! Working from home means being able to wear anything you want. From your sloppiest sweats to your shorts and t-shirt as you type by the pool this summer, it is all okay as long as the work gets done.
  • If you want to move to be closer to family or friends, or if your spouse finds a job across the country, you can move without having to switch jobs.

Disadvantages of Working From Home

  • Working from home means that your home is your office, which may mean that you never really feel like you are relaxed in your own home.
  • If you tend to procrastinate completing your work, then having your television, the internet and other distractions available may mean that you have a hard time completing your work on time. You may end up losing money, losing your job or feeling like you work all the time as a result.
  • You will be competing against other workers from across the country, if not the world. That means that you may not be able to earn as much income as if you were working in an office in your area, particularly if your area is a more expensive area to live relative to the rest of the country.
  • If you are an independent contractor instead of an employee, then you will be responsible for paying for your own benefits, such as health insurance. You also are unlikely to receive normal office perks like vacation and sick time. This can make taking time off from work very stressful.
  • Just because you are working from home does not mean that you will be able to provide quality work and take care of your children. You may find that you are unable to do both effectively, which can be frustrating and put your family in financial peril.
  • Both finding clients to pay you for your work and then completing that work may require you to work a large amount of overtime in order to bring in a full-time salary to support your family.

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