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by WorkFromHome on May 13, 2011

When looking for a career in online data entry jobs you have probably come to the conclusion that the Internet is filled with a lot of poor information or work at home scams. While this may be true to a certain extent, there are ways to work from home providing data entry services that are legitimate and profitable. Understanding a few basic facts about this type of work and where to find legitimate jobs will help you successfully become employed in the field.

What Is The Proper Definition Of Data Entry?

Data entry has become a catch-all phrase that relates to any type of work that consists of moving data from one form to another. Data entry positions may be found in order processing centres, databanks, transcription services and call centres. The list of opportunities is endless, which makes it a great opportunity for you.

The first thing you should do is create a resume for yourself listing the types of data services you can provide. Are you great at deciphering hand written notes or listening and transcribing tapes? Do you effortlessly flow through spreadsheets and presentations? Are you accurate at finding mistakes in data? Is your strong point fast keyboarding skills? By being able to honestly answer these questions you will be able to direct your search for a data entry position into the field that you are most gifted.

Where Do You Find Online Data Entry Jobs?

The first place that you should visit on the Internet to find data entry positions is a freelance bulletin board. Many freelance sites will allow you to join their forum for free; others may request a small fee to search the job listings. This is the most legitimate place to find at-home data entry work.

You will be required to bid on jobs when you use these sites. Of course, the first job is the hardest to land, it is in any business structure, but once you have begun you are on your way to success.

Another place to look for data entry forums is on the social network sites. As you know, networking is the key to success in most business ventures. Joining a group on a social site with the intent of meeting people that are interested in the same job goals, can only lead to more opportunities.

It is also very helpful to look for job postings that are listed as telecommuting positions and off-site work. By keying these terms into a search engine you will avoid many of the work-at-home scam sites that often crop up when you key in data entry.

One additional place to look is at large companies in your home area. Many large businesses have found that they can reduce costs by using off-site employees. These positions are often not advertised openly, but inquiries are met with enthusiasm.

What Should You Expect From Data Entry Work?

When you enter this field of work, unless you are working specifically for one company, you should be prepared to perform a wide range of tasks. One job offer may require you to sort through mountains of paperwork and use the data to complete a database, others may wish for you to simply create a clients list. Each job that you bid on will be different in scope, pay and performance requirements. The great part about that is it keeps what could be a boring job, interesting.

Once you have established yourself into a niche, such as database creation, you will be able to accurately time jobs and pay rates better. You will increase your earnings and you will be able to work as much, or as little, as you desire.

Data entry can be a very rewarding career when worked from home. It can also be very demanding. There is often a very high turnover rate in this industry because some of the jobs can be very demanding and time consuming. Another reason that people fail to stay at this job is due to eye strain that is associated with continual computer work and carpal tunnel syndrome from typing. You can avoid these two problems by setting up your office area in the correct manner and following a few simple rules.

Home Office Set Up

When you prepare for a data entry job you should create an ergonomically correct work station for yourself to ensure that you do not become over stressed either physically or mentally. The following tips should help you create an office environment fit for this line of work.

  • Buy an ergonomic office chair and make all the proper adjustments to it for your specific body size. A good chair will help you stay comfortable and reduce stress.
  • Set up a desk that is designed for typing. These desks have keyboard “drawers” that allow you to type at waist height, greatly reducing shoulder and wrist strain.
  • Use a wrist-rest on and off all day to reduce chances of acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Set your monitor at eye level and far enough away to reduce glare, yet still remain readable without squinting.
  • Get up from your chair at least twice an hour and move about the office. This promotes good circulation.

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