Affiliate Marketing Is All About Your Website Content

by WorkFromHome on April 7, 2011

In affiliate marketing, content is the main driving force behind the existence of your website. Therefore, the worth of your website in the eyes of the search engines will be directly correlated to the quality of your content. A high-quality website will rank well in the search engines and generate a lot of traffic. Since more traffic equals bigger profits, it’s easy to see why affiliate marketing is centred around the content of your website.

Search engines are always figuring out better ways to measure the quality of the content on a website. A great example of this is the recent “Farmer Update” to the Google algorithm. This update caused hundreds of thousands of pages of low-quality content to drop like a rock in the Google rankings.

Content quality also affects the link-building aspect of optimizing your website for the search engines. Links from high-quality sites are worth a lot more than their low-quality counterparts in determining the worth of a site, so when you’re using article directories to build links to your website, the quality of the content you submit directly affects the quality of the link you get at the bottom of the page.

It’s clear from all of this that the creation and/or acquisition of high-quality, unique content is one of the key aspects of making money in affiliate marketing.

How You Can Get Great Content

One way to get content is to hire freelance writers from the Internet. For articles, it’s generally accepted that having articles written somewhere between 500 and 600 words each is the best balance between cost and effectiveness for ranking purposes. When hiring article and content writers, you need to make sure that they are fluent in the language being used for the content. Additionally, you’ll need to check that they have good grammar and spelling.

Saving pennies by hiring low-quality writers will cost you a lot of money in the future, so it’s best to go for high-quality writers that cost a little bit more. Remember that hiring a writer is an investment, and if you can build a good relationship with a high-quality writer who really understands what you’re looking for in your content, then that investment can pay great dividends in the future.

Another option is writing your own content, which has some advantages and disadvantages. This is best when you’ve chosen a niche that you’re interested in since that makes writing high-quality material that engages the reader much easier. Eventually, once you have many sites going and have a certain level of success in affiliate marketing, it’s going to be more cost-effective to find and hire good writers. That way you can spend your time managing your sites instead of spending it writing content.

Traps To Look Out For

A lot of so-called affiliate marketing gurus will advocate using PLR articles, content scrapers, content spinners, or a combination of the three to produce content for your affiliate marketing campaigns. While this is a tempting shortcut to hiring writers or writing content yourself, the result is always terrible content. This type of content creation gives low-quality results that the search engines do not like, and as a result, the content will get penalized, leading to low rankings.

Remember that you get out of affiliate marketing what you put into it. If you put junk in, then you’ll get junk out.

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