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What Are Affiliate Programs?

In the business world, companies selling products and services are always trying to get an advantage over the competition. One advantage a company can have over a competing business is to have more salesmen pushing their products. Because of this, many businesses have affiliate programs that let almost anyone work as a salesman for the company. These salesmen, known as affiliates, are paid a commission for each sale they make. Using the Internet and the power of popular search engines like Google, affiliates can reach a potentially large audience and make a lot of money with affiliate programs.

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How Do People Make Money With Affiliate Programs On The Internet?

The general model used for making money with affiliate programs is not very complicated, but your results will be directly proportional to the amount of work you put into your online business. On the most basic level, you’ll need an affiliate offer to sell, a website to promote the offer, and people that want to purchase the offer. In the following paragraphs, we’re going to take a more detailed look at each of these three parts of promoting an affiliate offer. This is your virtual blueprint to making money with affiliate programs using the Internet.

Getting Started: Choosing An Affiliate Program

There are three main considerations you should have when choosing an affiliate program. Taking these three items into your thought process when deciding on which program to work with will help you increase your chances of success.

First, you should consider the ethical implications of the types of offers you’re considering. Your business is an extension of yourself, so it’s important that you are careful with what gets associated with you. For example, if you wouldn’t want your family and friends knowing that you were working with adult-oriented media or potentially shady pharmaceuticals, then you shouldn’t associate yourself with affiliate programs from these markets.

Second, you should take the time to think about how much money there is in the market for the affiliate program you’re considering promo-ting. Some markets are seasonal, while others are evergreen. If there isn’t much demand for a particular product or service, chances are that you will not have much success promoting it, no matter how good of a marketer you are.

Third, it’s always better to choose an affiliate program from a niche you’re interested in. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful in affiliate marketing, and it’s very difficult to get motivated to put in long hours if you’re working in a niche that you do not enjoy. This is especially true if you are just starting out promoting an affiliate offer, since you will generally be writing most of your own content and doing your own website work.

Weigh these three factors to determine what sort of affiliate programs you want to be involved with, and then choose one. Once you have a program picked out, then it’s time to work on your website.

Tools Of The Trade: Website Creation Demystified

Your website is just a tool used to communicate with your potential customers. However, the process of setting up and designing a website can be very scary to people who aren’t up on the latest technology. Thankfully, there are some very simple principles that you can use to create a website that will be great for promoting an affiliate program. The following step-by-step process will help you get started without needing to have any major technical know-how.

Step #1: Get a domain name. Choose a short keyword phrase related to your niche for your domain name, preferably without dashes or numbers. Make sure to stick with .com, .net or .org for your website’s TLD, and stay away from .biz, .tv and .info.

Step #2: Get some basic shared hosting. Any starter package from a major web hosting company like GoDaddy or Host Gator will work since they tend to have no bandwidth or disk space restrictions. If your affiliate marketing venture gets really big in the future, then you’ll be able to easily transfer your websites to a more advanced type of website hosting. For now, this will be more than sufficient.

Step #3: Install a content management system. These are systems that allow you to make your websites with a professional design without having to know a single thing about computer or website programming. Your hosting will have options to install content management systems like Drupal or WordPress with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Step #4: Choose a professional-looking theme. Inside of your content management system’s options there will be hundreds or thousands of different themes to choose from. Pick a theme that looks professional, but that does not have a lot of distracting graphics or features. You’re going to want your readers to be focused on your content and your affiliate offers, not the bells and whistles of the theme you choose.

Step #5: Add quality content to your website. Your content management system will make this step easy, and all you have to do is come up with the content. Search engines absolutely love text, but putting up a few pictures or videos is good for diversity. Your two goals with posting content are to have your website look like it is of a high quality to the search engines, and to get your readers interested in buying the affiliate product you’re promoting.

Step #6: Do a final check of your website. Make sure all of your links work, and that every page of content can be reached by links from your home page. This guarantees that search engines will be able to see all of your website. When you look at your site, make sure that your affiliate links are easy to spot, and will be easy for your readers to find if they are wanting to make a purchase.

Time To Sell: Getting Quality Traffic

There are two ways to get quality traffic to your website. One way is to use pay-per-click advertising like Google AdWords. With this approach, you’ll be paying a small amount for each visitor to your site. To make a profit, you’ll need to make more on average from each visitor than it costs to get them to your site. This approach turns affiliate marketing into much more of a numbers game, and is the favourite approach of many successful affiliate marketers.

The other main method of getting traffic is through search engine optimization. Also known as SEO, this approach is about raising your rankings in the search engines by building backlinks and using other strategies. While this approach is less of a numbers game, it does require a lot of study and work on figuring out how to build links effectively to raise your rankings in the search engines. Once you achieve these rankings, however, it’s significantly less work to keep the traffic going than using pay-per-click advertising.

Either of these methods of getting traffic will make money, and it’s mostly a matter of personal taste. For people who want to view their affiliate marketing business as mostly a monetary investment, pay-per-click advertising will allow you to do that. For those people who would prefer to just work hard and see the money come in without a bigger upfront investment, working on SEO is the best method to use.

Australian Affiliate Programs:

CheckMyStats Affiliate Network

CheckMyStats is based on Australia, but they accept affiliates from all over the world. While this affiliate network’s offers generally focus on Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, international affiliates can still make a lot of money. Because CheckMyStats is an affiliate program of the “small, but solid” style, you’ll be sure to get lots of individualised attention without feeling like you’re just a number to them. Read Full CheckMyStats Review

clixGalore Affiliate Network

The clixGalore network is a breath of fresh air from looking at the same selection of offers over and over. Because this affiliate network has offers for a lot of lesser-known products, you can find a lot of new products to try out in your campaigns. They also have offices in Australia, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom, and work with affiliates and advertisers from all over the world. Since clixGalore accepts affiliates from all over the world, you can get in on the action no matter where you’re from. In what follows, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about and how you can get started with some fresh offers, many of which are for companies in Australia. Read Full clixGalore Review

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