Are Online Paid Surveys Really Worth the Time and Effort?

by WorkFromHome on April 27, 2011

It can be hard to find the right work from home job. Many people have other jobs outside of their home or children and pets to care for. Circumstances such as these limit the types of work from home jobs one can have. Many of the online jobs available are customer service positions where one handles customer inquiry calls from their home. Although employees are paid an hourly wage, these companies have a strict policy with regard to noise. An employee can be fired if a dog barks or child cries. Many interested in working from home have young children. One of the only online jobs an individual can do online that does not carry strict requirements or does not require fancy equipment is paid surveys. Users just log in to their existing accounts, or e-mail accounts, and select the surveys that interest them. Many wonder, however, if paid surveys are really worth the time and effort.

Most online paid survey takers sign up with several sites to ensure there is enough work for them. It can take a couple of weeks, initially, to set up accounts with legitimate survey sites, fill in demographic information, and wait for survey opportunities. Some wonder if it is worth the effort. The good news is that once one gets started and proves themselves as dependable and reliable to survey companies, they receive more and better offers.

Spam is an unfortunate part of an online survey taker’s job. It is recommended to create one or more separate e-mail accounts that are specifically for survey e-mails. One can receive hundreds of spam e-mails per day as a result of taking online surveys. It can be time consuming to sort through the spam e-mails and find the legitimate survey offerings. This makes some wonder if paid surveys are worth the time. Fortunately, the ease of most surveys and pay opportunities offsets any negative emotions pertaining to receiving spam.
Some wonder if online paid surveys are worth the time because they don’t think they will make good money. While paid surveys aren’t the most lucrative in work from home opportunities, they do provide a great supplemental, part-time, and even full-time income for some who work hard. Working hard, maximizing the time that is spent sifting through spam e-mails, and completing surveys quickly are the keys to earning a good hourly wage.

Most who partake in online paid surveys do so for the money. However, there are some great alternatives to money that make online surveys a rewarding supplemental gig. Companies that sponsor the surveys often send out samples of products to survey-takers. Many give away prizes like iPods and vacations. Others exchange one’s time taking surveys for gift cards.

Many feel that online surveys are not worth the time because the available work isn’t guaranteed. This is partly true. Companies that sponsor and offer paid surveys are often looking for people that work in certain fields, have experience with certain products, lead a particular type of lifestyle, or live in a certain location. This is why paid online survey sites request so much information, initially. The more information one fills out, the more survey opportunities they receive. This can be a bit obtrusive, for those just getting started, but this is extremely important to ensure that one gets numerous survey invitations. Applying to many legitimate online survey sites is another great way to increase exposure and paid survey opportunities. Within three months of beginning the survey-taking process, individuals can expect regular jobs. In fact, those that stick with it receive some very high-paying survey opportunities and are greatly rewarded for their time on a regular basis. Some full-time survey takers have so many opportunities available to them, that they regularly have to turn down survey opportunities.

Online paid survey sites are truly a wonderful supplemental income opportunity. With little time and effort, one can be rewarded with any number of prizes, gift cards, vacations, sweepstakes wins, and cash prizes. The most important thing to remember is that building an online paid survey business is like building any other home business. It takes time, effort, and patience to reap the financial rewards.

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