Article Marketing – 7 Mistakes To Avoid

by WorkFromHome on September 17, 2011

When you start a home based business online you will quickly discover that article marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. You can easily promote your product or service by posting different articles to information sites that drive traffic to your site for further information. There is an endless amount of subject matter and content that can be written, ensuring that you will always find someone willing to read your articles.

However, there are 6 mistakes that people make when they are using article marketing as part of their marketing strategy. By making these common mistakes, advertisers risk having the reader move on to a different article, defeating its entire purpose.

These 7 mistakes are very common, and very easy to correct. A quick overview of these problems, as well as their solutions, is listed below:

  1. Failing To Target The Right Audience. Your articles must be relevant to your site content or the product that you are actively marketing. For instance, if you are marketing a new gardening tool, you are not going to write an article about the latest fashion trends. Always direct your article content to gain the most from the posting.
  2. Failing To Post Unique Content. You are not allowed to copy another posting and claim it is as your own. Above and beyond the fact that this is copyright infringement of intellectual materials, the article service will penalize you for using duplicate content. You may be restricted from posting to the site or have your other articles removed. This applies to anything you post, even if you are the original author. You must always have unique content. The way to avoid duplicate content is to try and learn something new about the product or service weekly and expound on that new information.
  3. Using Article Spinning Software. This type of software has more drawbacks than benefits. What a spinning program does is take an article that you have written and “spins” it into unique content that can be used for article marketing. While this sounds like a dream-come-true for article marketers, it is not. Most of the time the “spun” articles are so ridiculous sounding that they have to be re-worded or deleted. It ends up to be a great waste of time and money.
  4. Failing To Offer Value. Your articles should not be advertising material. They should be articles that provide the reader with information that is valuable. If the article is nothing but promotional material it will be skimmed and discarded. Many article base companies will not accept articles that are written in this manner.
  5. Formatting Is Not Internet-Style. People searching the Internet for information have a very bad habit of skimming text. It has been proven over and over that large bulky paragraphs will not attract readership. To write in proper Internet-Style you must write short paragraphs of 2-3 sentences. Break up paragraphs with meaningful bold headlines, and utilize bulleted lists whenever possible. This enables someone that is skimming the page to retrieve the necessary information.
  6. Poor Grammar And Spelling. If you want to impress a potential client, you need to sound professional. People are going to shy away from sites that are promoted by articles containing numerous spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. People will perceive articles filled with these types of mistakes as ones written by people who are not professional. Since very few people have mastered every grammatical rule or spell every word correctly, utilize your spelling and grammar check buttons in your word processing program.
  7. The Article Is Too Brief. Articles should range between 350-500 words in length. Some of the article companies will allow 300 word articles, but this is not very common. Articles that are shorter than this in length give the appearance that the author is not knowledgeable about the subject. You must always look as if you are the authority on the given subject matter.

    Always review your articles before submitting them to the directories. This little ounce of prevention can help you earn money online much easier.

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