Avoiding Headaches With Your Blog

by WorkFromHome on May 29, 2011

There are a number of common hang-ups that occur for bloggers. When you run into a real headache of a problem, it can hurt your motivation to work on your blog. This leads to a lower quality blog since you are less motivated to put in real effort when writing and working on it. To help protect the quality of your blog, and to help preserve your sanity, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common problems bloggers face and what you can do to minimize their effects on you and your blog.

Making Regular Backups of Your Blog

What would you do if one day something happens to your blog host or someone hacks your account, destroying your blog in the process? If you’re prepared properly, this is only a minor hiccup in the normal operation of your blog. If you aren’t prepared, this can completely destroy any momentum and following you had going with your blog.

There are two ways to maintain a backup of your blog. The first way is to use an automated backup system or script. If you use a content management system like WordPress for your blog, then you can use a simple plug-in to backup your MySQL database and you’re set. If you don’t use a blogging platform that has a backup option, you can use a free program called TreePad to keep copies of all of your content organized in a tree format. This way if something does happen to your blog, you will at least have your content saved locally in a format that’s easy to access.

Maintaining a List of Post Ideas

Many bloggers feel like they are a helpless victim to writer’s block. In reality, having writer’s block is a direct result of not keeping a running list of ideas to blog about. Much like keeping a backup, this is a preventative strategy that will help to stop a problem before it ever starts. If you don’t keep a list of ideas for blog posts and regularly add to it, then you have no one to blame but yourself if you get hit with writer’s block. Ideally, you should plan your posting ahead at least five posts in advance, knowing exactly what topics you’re going to write about when.

Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket: Revenue Streams

At some point, if you work on your blog regularly over a period of time, you can start to make some money from your efforts. But what happens if the affiliate program you’re promoting suddenly goes belly up, or if you get banned from your advertising program for no apparent reason? If you don’t have a second revenue stream going from your blog, then you’re going to be sent back to square one. Protect yourself and your profits by making sure you always have at least two revenue streams going whenever possible. If you only have one, then you should work hard at developing a second one as soon as you can.

Protect Your Blog and Protect Yourself

It hurts a lot when you work very hard on a blog only to see the fruits of your labour gone over some simple mistake. If you take the preventative measures discussed here by making regular backups of your blog, keeping a list of post ideas, and having multiple revenue streams, then you can avoid most of the common mistakes that plague bloggers. Not only will you protect your blog from downtime or low profitability, but you’ll also protect yourself from the aggravation and anxiety that come from fixing these problems once they happen.

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