Avoiding Paid Survey Scams Online

by WorkFromHome on April 19, 2011

Every day, parents wishing to stay home with their children, retirees, and college students look for legitimate ways to earn money online. The allure of being paid to take online surveys is exhilarating for many. The opportunity to be paid to simply give opinions is irresistible for many looking to supplement their income. Many work at home jobs require start-up capital or require one to spend their days handling phone calls from their home office. For those without start-up capital or with small children or pets, these jobs are not conducive to their lifestyles. To get started with a survey company, one only needs a computer with internet access. Unfortunately, the online survey industry is full of scam artists looking to take advantage of those wanting to earn an honest living online. There are many red flags and situations to avoid when it comes to signing up with online survey sites.

Spotting The Paid Survey Company is a Scam

One of the biggest signs that a paid survey company is a scam is if they ask for money up front. A legitimate paid survey company will never ask for any money. Scam artists go to great lengths to ensure that their sales pitch includes testimonials from happy customers and plenty of information that would lead one to believe they are legitimate. They often explain that their fees are to cover administrative costs or handle the one-time processing for providing the service. These are always scams, one-hundred percent of the time.

Another sign that a paid survey company is a scam is when they promise that one will make outrageous sums of money by filling out paid surveys. This simply is not the case. The best survey takers who work full-time and have been taking surveys for many years earn a decent hourly wage, at best. Online surveys are not going to make anyone rich. At best, they are a supplemental income for those who need extra money. They are not meant to be full or even part-time income. Any company that claims one can earn absurd sums of money taking paid surveys is a scam artist.

An unprofessional-looking paid survey website full of grammatical errors or poor sentence structure is another red flag. Many times scam artists will throw up a website very quickly, without much care. Their end result is to scam people out of money. Putting the time and energy into providing seemingly quality information is not important to them. These types of paid survey websites are usually scams. On the contrary, those who go to great lengths to make elaborate websites full of testimonials and long paragraphs full of text are often scammers. Their ultimate goal is to reel someone in with catchy slogans and stories that pull on one’s heartstrings. They know the end result will be more money in their pocket from honest, hard-working people.

If a survey company asks for too much personal information, they may be a scam artist. There are certain pieces of information a survey company needs. The name of a person, address, e-mail, and phone number are typically all one needs to start up with a legitimate survey company. Those that ask for banking information or more personal information may be a sign of a paid survey scam.

Find Legitimate Paid Survey Companies Online

The most important thing one can do to find legitimate paid survey companies online is to keep a clear head. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If one is careful not to fall prey to scam artists’ outrageous claims, they can save a lot of time, money, stress, and frustration. There are many online resources that evaluate and give grades to websites, based upon reported consumer experiences. It is important to do a thorough investigation of each paid survey site an individual is interested in joining. If one takes the time to do the research and keep a clear head, they are certain to make some great supplemental income by taking paid surveys for legitimate online survey companies.

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