Avoiding The 5 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

by WorkFromHome on August 29, 2011

Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to make money on the Internet. The savvy entrepreneur can take a product that they do not have to develop, package or store, and make a profit from it when it sells. It is an absolutely brilliant business opportunity when done correctly. Many people begin affiliate marketing as an additional way to generate income from home only to find they do so well they can leave their current position.

However, there are 5 very common mistakes that occur with almost every affiliate marketer when they begin. If you take the time to review these common mistakes, you can move toward a profitable home business much faster.

  1. Becoming an affiliate for a product you do not like. All too often when a person begins an affiliate marketing venture their first thought is to go with a product that they believe is popular or will have a great response with little effort. This is a very large mistake. You should never join an affiliate program for a product that you are unfamiliar with or would not use yourself. The trick to affiliate marketing is promoting the product or service to others. If you do not believe in this product or service, you cannot sell it effectively.
  2. Failing to use the product yourself. One of the most effective methods of promoting a service or product is through social media and blogging. People are making a purchase online and want to feel comfortable with that purchase. Because their comfort level must be met, they want to interact with the person that is offering the product. If you cannot honestly answer questions, credibility is lost, and so is the sale.
  3. Joining too many affiliate programs at once. Many affiliate marketers believe they must offer dozens of products to make money. While this is a good thought process, it is not practical. When you first begin affiliate marketing you will have to spend a considerable amount of time promoting the product. If you are spread out between too many products, none will receive the attention they deserve. As you become more acquainted with affiliate marketing you can expand your line of products.
  4. Signing up for programs with low commissions. There are many companies that offer very low commissions for promoting their products. Some have been found as low as 1% of the final sale. Regardless of how great the product may seem, these programs should be avoided. You will have to work three-times as hard with these products to generate a decent income in comparison to other programs. The standard commission rate on the Internet is averaging about 40%; always look for programs that pay in this range to make your efforts worthwhile.
  5. Forgetting the importance of viral marketing and customer retention. Many affiliate marketers know that you must immediately establish a website for product promotion. Once they have established this site, they devote countless hours to SEO (search engine optimization) techniques trying to boost their rankings. However, there is a more effective tool for marketing than just search engine rankings: viral marketing. You want to get people excited about your product on the social networks. You want people emailing their friends and family telling them to go to your site. You want your link posted everywhere. This is, and always will be, the best form of advertising.

Once you have established traffic to your site, you must create a way to retain the customers that visit. Recent surveys have found that many people will visit a site an average of 7 times before making a purchase. This same survey stated that people often forget where they made the purchase, and when they wish to make another they simply perform a new search. You must retain the customers that you drive to your site. This can be done by offering a free email newsletter or through an RSS feed. RSS feeds have become increasingly popular as many people do not like to divulge their email addresses to online sites out of fear of that information being sold.

By reviewing these 5 common mistakes, and trying to avoid them, you will make your experience as an affiliate marketer much more profitable.

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