Be A Better Casper! Tips To Increase Your Value As A Ghostwriter

by WorkFromHome on July 26, 2011

Whether you are a novice ghostwriter or have several years experience ghostwriting for others, staying competitive is essential to continuing to be hired to ghostwrite for clients. This means maintaining a strong resume of writing skills and employing some common sense business practices to keep your clients happy. After all, even if you are the best ghostwriter, if you are difficult to do business with then your clients will find someone else to fulfill their orders for them. Read on for the best tips to keep your value as a ghostwriter up.

Make Your Clients The Top Priority In Writing

The biggest difference between someone who writes as a hobby and a professional writer is that the hobbyist writes to please himself or herself first while the professional ghostwriter consistently puts the needs of his or her clients first. To put your clients’ needs first, though, you will have to have the communication skills necessary to identify those needs.

Skills crucial for success in client communication include not only being able to write, which, as a ghostwriter, you are expected to already have, but also the ability to listen to your client’s requests and translate them into your writing. Asking questions to clarify your client’s needs, such as the business purpose that your writing will serve or the specific time line that your clients are expecting you to deliver your work to them on, is also important.

Combine Ghostwriting With Other Skills For The Biggest Benefit Possible

Ghostwriting may be at the core of your business as an at home worker and freelance writer right now, but you likely have a host of complementary skills that you can offer your clients in order to grow your business and, in doing so, both better serve your clients and increase your overall income. For example, your clients may ask you if you can provide services such as proofreading, editing or other marketing services to their company. Try to train yourself to think before giving an automatic yes or no answer to these requests, since, even if you do not realize that you have been doing many of these services already, upon further reflection, you may realize that you are experienced in them and ready to add them to your menu of services.

Be ready to add to the services you provide to clients as a ghostwriter and freelance writer by brainstorming a menu of services based upon the skills that you already have. If you spend some time on fleshing out your complementary service offerings now, then you will be ready to talk about them to your clients when the moment is right. You may even be able to suggest that a client adds an additional service to his or her contract once you have spent some time brainstorming on your new offerings.

Become Search Engine Optimization Literate

You may not be an expert on search engine optimization, but do you at least know what it is? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the latest wave in online marketing. Used by businesses trying to attract as many visitors as possible to their websites by adding in meta data aimed at Internet search engine keywords related to the business’s products and services, search engine optimization requires an understanding of both the business as well as some basic technology.

Some of the most popular ways that search engine optimization strategies are implemented are in the file names of photographs used on websites, in the meta data that website search engines “crawl” while searching and in the websites’ content. Being able to provide search engine optimization services requires some technology savvy, since you will need to be comfortable using different search engines to see popular key terms for different websites, but mostly it will require you to continue to create quality content for websites based upon your clients’ needs.

Ghostwriters Still Need To Be Able To Market Themselves

Even though your final product may have someone else’s name on it or be credited to another company, you still need to be able to market yourself as a ghostwriter in order to grow your income as a professional. You do not need to become a slimy salesman constantly promoting himself, however a basic marketing skill set, such as the ability to provide concise and informative descriptions of your services to potential clients, is essential. If you are not comfortable talking up your work as a ghostwriter, then take the time to read up on different strategies and try them out. You also can take a number of different courses at local universities on networking and public speaking to become more at ease with promoting yourself as a ghostwriter.

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