Becoming A Work At Home Mum

by WorkFromHome on May 1, 2011

Working from home is not as simple or as glamorous as it may sound. Yes, there is the ability to leave your desk when you desire without repercussion from a looming manager, but there can also be drawbacks. Understanding the benefits and possible problems with this type of position will help make your transformation into a work at home professional quite simple.

Knowing Your Qualifications And Finding Work

The first thing that you should do when considering a work at home position is to create a resume for yourself. Look honestly at your skills and determine what type of position you are looking for. Once established you can start posting your resume to reputable job sites. Many employers search these sites looking for candidates instead of listing an open position.

Post your resume on freelancing sites. One of the most popular ways to gain employment from home is to work as a freelancer. These positions, while generally not permanent positions, provide a way to gain experience and earn a living while entering the work from home arena.

Join work at home forums on social or individual sites. There are many reputable sites that are dedicated to working at home, especially for mums, and they can be very resourceful. It also does not hurt to be a member of a community that is geared toward the same goals that you have,

One very important thing to remember: If a site is requiring you to pay for information or makes promises for instant wealth, it is undoubtedly a scam. Creating a work at home opportunity is difficult enough without having to be subjected to scam artists.

Creating A Work At Home Environment

Working from home takes dedication and discipline. it is very easy to become distracted when you work from home. Somewhere in the back of your mind you know that the floor must be swept, the dishes washed and the flower bed pruned. Unlike a typical day off from a desk job, where you simply perform these chores, when you work from home you must schedule them into your day. Yes, you are free to move about, but if you keep doing housework you are not earning money.

Set aside a time each to performing your job. By setting down guidelines when you must be actively at work, you can avoid the pressures of house work interrupting your day. The next thing you must do is set aside a specific area to work. This is imperative to success. When you have a specific area designated for work, it is easier to perform that work without distraction. Children should be informed that this area is off limits.

Be very specific with the time you are devoting to your work. Remember, you decided to work from home so you would have more time with the ones you love. If you are finding that you are in front of the computer for 15 hours a day, there is probably something wrong. Don’t let the work consume you. You can easily change this pattern by reviewing what is causing the long hours. If you are becoming distracted during the day and have to work late to compensate, remove the distractions. If you have taken on too much work for a certain project, learn from your mistake.

It is essential that when you accept a position from a company or are performing a freelance project that you are upfront with the paying party. Make sure that they know that you only work during specific hours and what those hours are. This may sound drastic, but honesty is always the best policy.

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