Best Methods for Making Quick Money Online

by WorkFromHome on December 12, 2011

For many, finding the perfect long-term job online is a dream come true. Others, satisfied with their careers and commute, simply run into hard times every now and then and need quick sources for extra cash. The internet offers an abundance of opportunities for anyone needing to make quick money for medical bills, car repairs, unexpected expenses, or holiday gifts. Here are a couple of the best methods for making money online quickly.

Paid-To Opportunities

Whether you sign up to get paid to read emails, complete offers or surveys, or post in forums, the internet offers a variety of platforms that pay you to perform simple mundane tasks. Getting paid to read emails involves receiving a lot of spam and emails and clicking on each advertisement in each email. You must view the email for a period of a few seconds up to thirty seconds for each email. You receive a very small amount of money for each email advertisement you read. Payments can be sent daily through online payment thresholds. Many companies, however, send out paper cheques once a month or bi-weekly.

Posting in forums can generate more money for you if you type and think quickly. You would simply sign up with a paid-to-post forum site, read through the instructions carefully, and post on an existing forum or topic or create your own thread, forum, or topic. You are awarded points, in most cases, and can convert the points into cash. Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure weigh heavily on your earned point percentage, so it is important to include relevant and valuable information that is free of grammatical errors. You can typically cash out once you have obtained the minimum number of required points or dollar amounts to cash out. Payment is typically processed within 24 to 48 hours and credited to an online payment account of your choosing.

Getting paid to complete offers or surveys can be the most lucrative and fastest way to make quick money online. By signing up with referral merchants, commonly known as incentivised freebie websites, you can choose to complete surveys from the available list. With incentivised freebie websites, you will need a pre-paid debit card, credit card, or debit card, and will be signing up for a variety of trials for well-known products and services. Not only is this a great way to try some new services for free or a small fee, but you get paid a lot of money by the freebie site or paid-to site for signing up. It is important to jot down the specifics of the trial, the cost, and the date of sign up. Most of these companies charge you a higher price to continue the service once the trial is over. It is important to call or log-in to cancel each of the trials you do not wish to continue with after the trial is over. Most people can make enough money with one day of IFW trials to be able to afford a large car payment or similar expense. Payments are typically made daily via online payment merchant, although it can take a couple of days from the time you sign up with the trial until the IFW company pays you.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping often gets a bad rap due to the large number of scammers on the internet. Mystery shopping is actually a fun way to not only earn gifts, dinners, prizes, gift cards, and cash, but also try out new products and services online or in your local area. Many people enjoy mystery shopping because they enjoy having an active input in how a company operates or does business. Most mystery shopping companies pay monthly or bi-weekly for completed and approved shops within that time frame.

To become a mystery shopper, you would simply sign up with the company, select from the list of available shop assignments, read over assignment or shop details, accept and perform the shop, and complete a questionnaire based on your experience after the visit. A sharp eye for detail and ability to discreetly gather important information are typically all that is needed to be a successful mystery shopper. It is important to remember that you are acting as the eyes and ears of the third party shopping company, so recounting and relaying important events and incidences on the report is essential to ensure you will be paid for the shop. Most shop assignments require you to provide copies of receipts, business cards, or ATM receipts to prove that you performed the shop.

Making quick money online does not have to be challenging or difficult. After trying some of the paid-to sites or mystery shopping assignments, many people have so much fun doing it that they incorporate it into their daily earnings.

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