Blogging for Depth With Long Tail Keywords

by WorkFromHome on July 6, 2011

Success in blogging is largely based on covering a few industry topics with depth instead of presenting a shallow view of many topics. Being focused on the depth of what you write naturally allows you to create high-quality content. Additionally, the long tail keywords that you will use in your in-depth blog posts help you with search engine optimisation. The entire process of going deeper than you’re used to with what you write will boost your concentration and increase your productivity. All of these benefits of blogging for depth help you reach your ultimate goal of making more money online while working from home.

Writing High-Quality Blog Posts

For a post to be considered high-quality for the purpose of making money online, it must provide value for the reader, and it must also contain information that there is a demand for. Covering a topic with depth provides more value for the reader because of the increase in the amount of useful information given. Because most posts on most topics from most blogs are covered on a very shallow level, in-depth posts and articles about topics from your industry will be in high demand. Providing a lot of value for readers with content that is naturally in demand will boost your profits by increasing your reader base and making you more popular within your industry.

The Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords

When you cover an industry topic with a lot of depth, you will naturally use long tail keywords. These longer keyword phrases have less competition in the search engines than their shorter counterparts, and this means that you will rank higher in the search engine results much easier. This increased presence in the search results means that your blog will get more traffic from people who are searching for specific, long tail keyword phrases. Because the users will be searching for very specific topics, your in-depth posts will be very useful to them. The result of this is that you’re not only building more traffic, but the traffic you’re building from long tail keyword searches are of a very high quality. High-quality traffic along with high-quality content makes money when blogging.

Productivity Considerations

An important part of the success of anyone who works from home is staying productive and motivated to get things done. It’s much more motivating and satisfying to write an in-depth article than to just skim the surface on some industry topic. This means you’ll enjoy your work a lot more when you write articles with a lot of depth. Enjoying your work allows you to produce higher-quality content at a faster rate, which boosts your earning potential. Not only will producing in-depth blog posts make you more money by increasing your productivity, but you will feel happier about working from home, and your overall quality of life will improve.

Being Happier and Making Money Online

Since the Internet first became popular, it has been littered with millions of pages of shallow, low-quality content. To set your blog apart from the rest of the blogs and websites that deal with topics in your industry, you’ve got to get more specific and provide more value to the reader. When you go deeper into what you’re writing about and get at the heart of things, you’ll naturally produce higher-quality content than your competitors, which will lead to making more money from blogging. In turn, you’ll be happier about your work since it’s much more enjoyable to stand out than to be a virtual copy of other websites and blogs, and you’ll be very happy with your increased profits as well.

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