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Blogs on the Internet allow people to communicate their ideas to the rest of the world with a level of accessibility that has never been given to the average person before. This high amount of exposure means that individual blogs can gain a lot of readers and a large audience that enjoy the owner’s ideas and content. Bloggers who want to make some money from their website have the task of figuring out how these readers can be efficiently monetized. There are a handful of common ways to make money by blogging, and it’s important to know how to use each method correctly to maximize earnings.

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Advertising and Marketing

The easiest way to get started making money from blogging is to simply put up advertisements on your blog. There are two approaches to making money on a blog with advertising. The first method is to sell advertisements to individuals or businesses at a weekly or monthly rate, and this requires you to find your own clients. This is best for large, established blogs with a lot of readers that will easily attract potential clients.

A second method, which is much better for small and medium blogs, is to use an advertising broker service like Clicksor or Google AdSense. These sites take care of all of the work of finding advertisers that would like to put up ads on your blog. In return, they take a portion of the money generated with the advertisements.

Along similar lines, you can find products to promote on your blog. The idea is to set it up so that if someone buys one of the items through your blog, you’ll receive a certain percentage of the profits. This generally involves working as an affiliate for a website that sells the products you’re interested in pushing. This is called affiliate marketing, and a large part of being successful in this type of marketing is to choose your products carefully. You want to choose products that the readers of your blog will be interested in buying, not just items that fall under the same niche as your blog.

A good method for figuring out what will work best on your blog is to promote one item for two weeks, and then promote a different item for two weeks. When you look back over each of the two week periods, it’s usually going to be easy to figure out which item is making the most money for your blog.

Sponsorships and Donations

Some blogs, especially those that offer how-to articles or other types of tutorials, make a lot of money by just accepting donations. If you’re going to accept donations, then you should make it clear to your readers that they have the option to donate. Without a button or link that allows people to make donations that stands out from the rest of your blog, you run the risk of missing donations from people who would have given you money simply because they couldn’t figure out how to do it.

When you’re setting up a blog to take donations, you should also be careful about where you set the default amount. Some electronic money transfer websites like PayPal make it easy for you to take donations, but often set the default donation size to an amount that isn’t optimal. What you’re looking for is an amount slightly lower than what you think the average reader of your blog will be willing to give you.

Getting your blog sponsored is almost like a cross between selling an advertising spot and getting a donation. Getting sponsored can be very difficult unless your website has a large base of readers, but if the niche your blog addresses is very small, sometimes companies will be willing to sponsor you if they think getting their name in front of your readers is worth it. This will usually happen because readers who enjoy your blog’s particular niche will tend to be big buyers for whatever products or services your potential sponsor offers, so they make more from the sponsorship than they pay out.

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