Boost Your Long Term Affiliate Marketing Profits With a Mailing List

by WorkFromHome on June 12, 2011

Most people think of affiliate marketing in two dimensions. The first dimension is how many people you’re given a chance to sell to. The second dimension is what percentage of these people make a purchase from you. All else being equal, the more people you get a chance to sell to and the higher percentage of people that buy from you, the more money you’ll make. But there’s a third dimension that many people overlook, and it drastically impacts their profitability. This third dimension is how many chances you get to sell to each individual. One of the ways to improve in this third dimension is through the use of a mailing list. Here we’re going to cover a sound method of building and selling to a mailing list using affiliate marketing and your website.

Collecting the Email Addresses

These days, people are cautious when giving out their names and email addresses. For your readers to feel comfortable about giving you their personal information, you have to build a certain level of trust with your readers by providing them with quality content and presenting yourself with integrity. To give readers extra incentive to sign up for your mailing list, you can always give them a free gift. Some sort of free report on an important topic in your industry is always a good choice, but it should be something that catches the reader’s interest. Ideally, your reader should have something substantial to gain with the free gift, and your presentation of the gift should stir up emotion, increasing your chances of turning the reader into a subscriber.

What to Send to Your Subscribers

The fastest way to destroy your legitimacy in the eyes of your subscribers is to bombard them with a never ending string of emails that are trying to sell them something without providing any value. Instead, you should try a content-based format that is sent out on a regular basis, like a newsletter. If your website uses a blog, you could add one or two posts each week to the blog and provide a short blurb in your newsletter about the new posts, along with a link back to your website. For each blurb you have that is trying to sell something to a subscriber, you should have at least two posts that provide value by discussing some industry topic.

Legal Matters and Anti-Spam Laws

Many countries have laws that govern the use and maintenance of electronic mailing lists like the ones we’re talking about building here. You should take the time to become familiar with the anti-spam laws in your area before you start building your own mailing lists. In general, you’ll typically have to put your company name, address and a link to unsubscribe in each of the emails you send out. Different areas of the world may have laws that require you to do more or less than this, and the penalties for not following these laws are typically very severe. Do yourself a favour and protect your profits by reading up on your country’s anti-spam laws and any other laws that govern the mass sending of emails or the collection of personal data.

Building Your List and Moving Forward

A good, targeted mailing list is worth a lot of money because huge profits can be made from it if it’s properly cared for. Give your readers a reason to sign up, but also give them a reason to stay on the mailing list to keep your numbers up. Also make sure to provide quality content to keep your subscribers from unsubscribing or moving your emails to their spam folder. If you take this approach and you’re careful about obeying the anti-spam laws in your area, you’ll be able to properly leverage your mailing list and make a lot of money in the future from it.

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