Bringing Your Creative Energy to Your Blog

by WorkFromHome on May 20, 2011

Between your specific DNA and the experiences you have had, you are truly unique as a human being, and there will never be another you in history. Because of this simple fact, you will always have something different that you can bring to the table when blogging that no one else will ever be able to replicate. When you think of your uniqueness as an important quality to apply to your blog, you will tap into a reserve of creative energy that will bring drive and motivation to your work. This motivation will shine through as you produce higher quality work than if you were uninterested in the subject matter you write about in your blog. The following are some major areas that you can focus on to help bring out this specialized creative energy in your blog entries.

Sharing and Explaining Your Opinions

Your opinions on industry topics and the world in general are something that can be used to personalize your work. Instead of simply stating your opinions of topics you write about, explain them in as much detail as you possibly can. Providing this depth in a discussion of your opinions will allow you to share your logic and will motivate you to create compelling arguments.

What will follow from this is a pride in your work that will naturally bring out your creative energy. Your readers will be able to see and feel this energy because of an elevated sense of feeling like you really care about what you’ve written about. Once you’re able to explain your opinions on this level to complete strangers, then your content has become an extension of yourself, and you are on a high level of creative output.

Storytelling and Communicating Your Past Experiences

When we talk about things we have done or places we have been, we enter a special storytelling mode of thought that we don’t typically enter when relaying things we saw in the third person. When we tell stories of past events we experienced from our own perspective, we are literally inside of someone who was there when it happened. We can talk about how it felt, what it meant to us at the time, and a lot of external details that are lost to people who didn’t see what we saw.

This first-person storytelling perspective gives you an excellent opportunity to bring your creativity and uniqueness to your blog. In general, this will work best when you are relating something going on in the present in our industry to something in the past that you have went through. Talking about these kinds of experiences is one of the most fulfilling ways to share your knowledge and bring out your uniqueness at the same time.

Talking About Your Upbringing

Most people know the stereotype of some elderly person complaining about how easy young people have it in the present day. When you decide to relate something to events from your childhood or upbringing, avoid the temptation to talk about how much harder you had it than people have it today. This kind of talk puts people off, but it also makes it difficult to communicate the positive points you want to relay to your audience. Instead, you should focus on how specific scenarios and principles from your upbringing can help to provide guidance for dealing with present-day problems in your industry. This approach allows you to bring your own personalized solutions to the table, and people will be more likely to listen to your commentary if it doesn’t come across as whining or complaining.

In Conclusion.

Remember that you don’t want to bring your uniqueness to your blog for the sake of being unique. Instead, you want to use your personalized perspective as a tool in the analysis and discussion of issues talked about on your blog. When you do this, your content will jump to a higher level of quality and you will become motivated to put in even more work on your blog.

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