Can Anyone Do A Data Entry Job?

by WorkFromHome on May 28, 2011

Data Entry is, simply put, the transferring of information from one document to another using a computer. This information can cover a myriad of topics and styles.

What Jobs Are Out There?

Several companies directly employ data entry professionals to work in their corporate offices, but some companies have begun to outsource their data entry needs to outside professionals. While this can make finding a steady career as a data entry professional difficult, it can be a positive boon to those who prefer to work in a freelance setting from home. Searching online job sets, examining local classifieds, visiting writing blogs and forums and exploring online marketplaces and freelance websites can net the determined individual a wealth of possibilities just waiting to be capitalized on.

What Kind of Equipment and Skills Are Needed For a Data Entry Job?

If working at home as a freelancer, a computer with a good internet connection is a must. Most people will find that arranging a secluded office area in their house is conducive to increased productivity as well.

Whether working in the home or at the offices of a particular company, there are a few physical and mental requirements for anyone that wishes to succeed as a data entry professional.

  • Stay Comfortable – Data entry professionals will be required to sit in one place for long periods of time. While there will be time for breaks and trips to the bathroom, a data entry professional should be sure to adopt ergonomic sitting and typing positions to avoid unnecessary strain or discomfort. Any cushions, mouse pads, special keyboards or anything else that assists in doing a job comfortably and efficiently should be looked in to.
  • Typing Speed – A successful data entry professional needs to know their way around a keyboard. Most workplaces will require a minimum word count per minute and will often test potential candidates on their speed and accuracy. Someone looking for a data entry career needs to ensure that their typing skills are up to par.
  • Beat Boredom – The very nature of data entry guarantees that many will find the work tedious. Being able to maintain a focus and drive to continue working in the midst of boredom is a must have asset for a successful data entry professional. If the workplace permits it, listening to music can often serve to alleviate a bit of boredom while not breaking concentration.
  • Concentration At All Times – A data entry professional needs to be detail oriented. Typing thousands of words and figures each day can lend itself to errors if an individual is not focusing and carefully proofreading their work. Concentration on doing accurate work for hours at a time is a must have ability to be a successful data entry professional.

Who Is Not Suited For a Data Entry Profession?

Those who are decidedly uncomfortable with the thought of sitting in one place at a computer for hours at a time will most likely find the prospect of working a data entry job unbearable. Whether because of the tediousness inherent in repetitive work or because they do not feel comfortable working with a computer, these individuals would do well to seek employment in a different field.

The same goes for those that need a substantial amount of human interaction during their daily routine. While, if working in an office with others, social interaction will be available, most of the data entry professional’s work will not involve working with others which could prove to be intolerable to those that are very extroverted.

Those that meet the criteria listed above may find that a job in data entry is exactly the right career path for them.

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