Can You Be A Super Mum And Work From Home? Here’s How

by WorkFromHome on October 9, 2011

Australians mums tired of missing out on their children’s first steps, hearing about how their son said his first word from someone else and spending all of their time commuting to and from the office instead of spending time with their families may be fantasizing about leaving the corporate world behind for a career working from home. If this sounds like you, then you may be finding yourself having fantasies of spending hours happily typing away at your laptop computer while your children play quietly together a few feet away and the paycheques keep coming in.

When some mothers leave the workplace to work from home they quickly find out that while doing so comes with its own set of challenges. The good news is that if you are ready to meet them head on you should be able to have it all by raising your children while working from home to support your family.

Keep The Kids Out Of The Business

A top mistake made by Australian professionals new to working from home is to try to delegate even the smallest tasks to their children in an effort to make them feel involved while distracting them long enough to get their work done. While it is only natural to want to share your enthusiasm for your work with your children, the hard reality is that doing so can cost you far more in time and aggravation than you can begin to imagine.

Asking your kids to help you shred papers and magazines can lead to a disastrous blizzard of paper shards all over your office or, worse, a jammed paper shredder that has to be replaced. Allowing young children to color at your desk on scrap paper can quickly turn into crayon streaks all over your marketing materials while giving children of any age the chance to spend any amount of time at your home business’s computer or on your smart phone can mean downloaded viruses, embarrassing e-mails sent to your clients in error or worse.

Build Your Schedule Around Your Children’s Schedule

If you can, the best way to be both a great mother and a professional business owner is to carefully arrange your schedule around your children’s. This may mean squeezing in an hour or two of work while your toddler naps in the afternoon, scheduling your conference calls during the hours when your children are in school or planning to answer e-mails after your children go to sleep at night. You may even find yourself investing in a tablet and portable keyboard so that you can answer e-mails in between ferrying your children to and from extracurricular activities.

When All Else Fails Super Mums And Business Owners Get Creative

No matter how carefully you plan your conference calls, meetings and other work plans and your children’s schedules, your home business’s needs and your children’s schedules will inevitably collide. There will come a time when a client needs you to redo a marketing plan or update a website at the same time as when it is your turn to drive your children and their friends to the beach or when your son is home sick with the flu. Do not panic, though, because when you stay calm and get creative, you can satisfy your clients and keep your kids happy.

Having a support system in place is an important part of being successful as a home based business owner and parent. This means knowing which friends and relatives you feel comfortable calling when you need someone to pick up your daughter from ballet class so you can make it to an important meeting. Many working parents make great support systems for other working parents, since they understand the unique challenges and complexities that you are facing. When your schedule is calmer you can be there for them and vice versa.

When it is just you, your bored children and a pile of work that you have to plough through, then it is time to pull out your secret weapons. These are the toys, video games and other special treats that you reserve for when you need some peace and quiet so that you can focus on getting your work done. The special treats in your arsenal will vary based on your children’s interests and ages but they should be activities that they can enjoy on their own, without your assistance. Make sure that you put the toys back when you are done with your work and that you update your collection regularly so that it remains a potent ‘secret weapon’ when you need it.

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