Data Entry From Home: Use Your Typing Skills To Earn Money

by WorkFromHome on April 28, 2011

Do you have excellent typing skills, but are wasting them in a dead-end job that does not pay you nearly as much as you would like to make? Would you like to work from home, setting your own hours while working at a job that offers unlimited potential to grow your income? Then a position as a data entry operator, working from home, could be the right step for you to take.

Typing Means Data Entry Success

Data entry operators are typists who enter data ranging medical transcripts to blog posts for their clients. If you enjoy typing, then this is a great outlet for you to show off your typing speed. After all, the faster you can accurately type, the more money you can bring home each week! If you are not already up to typing speed, then a quick refresher course on typing is a must before you can maximize your potential income from data entry work from home.

Creative Data Entry Work

Although data entry sounds like it can be fairly dry, in reality, data entry work also includes writing articles that you can publish on networks and websites across the Internet. When visitors read your writing, you will earn money for each view. This means that your potential to earn money on each article is virtually unlimited. In addition, once you have proved your value to different publishing platforms, you may be eligible for upfront payments for your articles.

Data Entry Clerk Employees

Although you may find success as an independent contractor performing data entry work, such as writing the articles discussed above, you also can work from home performing data entry work for a single employer. This means enjoying the same benefits as any other employee working at the company’s offices, but you still get to do all of your work from the comfort of your home. Typically, you will receive your assignments via e-mail and aside from a few conference calls, be able to schedule your working hours as you see fit.

Working From Home Means Working Hard To Stay Focused

Of course, working from home does not mean that you will be working any less. In fact, you may find that you have to work even harder to stay focused and get your work done. Take advantage of being able to work more flexible hours than if you were stuck in an office all day by breaking up your work day.

Enjoy exercising? Then include a break in the afternoon to run or work out at your local fitness centre before you return home to finish up your work for the day. Want to have lunch with a friend, breakfast with your sister or volunteer at your kids’ school during the day? Then arrange your schedule accordingly. Data entry work can usually be done in small chunks, which makes it perfect for schedules that need to be rearranged on the fly.

Stay focused, no matter where you are working, but setting up a work space at home. It can be as small as a desk or as large as an office, but it should be dedicated to your data entry work. Even though most, if not all, of your data entry work is likely to be done using the Internet, your work is still likely to require a great deal of papers and notes, not to mention your computer itself.

Being able to leave those items on your desk as you zip in and out of the house to pick up and drop off your children, meet with friends and run errands, without worrying about anyone else accidentally deleting your work or throwing out those papers is an important part of making your job as a data entry clerk working from home a success. Continue to refine what makes your home office ergonomic and user friendly for you as you continue your new career.

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