Data Entry Jobs: Where to Find a Data Entry Job & Skill Requirements

by WorkFromHome on May 5, 2011

The advancements in computer and digital technology have opened many doors of opportunity to those who don’t mind spending their day working from home at a computer. The number of available data entry jobs has increased exponentially in recent years. A data entry specialist is responsible for inputting or transferring various types of data into spreadsheets, registry databases, or other forms. Many data entry specialists convert hand-written documents such as medical forms into text-based documents.

Education and Skill Requirements

Data entry jobs are wonderful in that they typically do not require any secondary education. Anyone interested in obtaining a data entry job would simply demonstrate that they can type quickly and efficiently with few grammatical errors or mistakes. Data entry specialists’ primary goals are to input as much information as quickly and efficiently as possible into the required databases, while following specific formatting structures, per client request. Data entry specialists earn a competitive hourly wage and many earn additional bonuses or commissions based upon productivity standards.

Where to Find Data Entry Jobs

Data entry job opportunities can be found in practically any industry. Medical offices, hospitals, law offices, accounting offices, financial institutions, and even educational facilities can use the help of skilled data entry specialists. There are numerous opportunities to secure several data entry clients right in one’s own community. Obtaining steady work can be as simple as visiting local business owners and managers and offering a well-written resume’, business card, and a cover letter which highlights previous experience and qualifications. Local companies may offer a “trial” project with a short-term deadline to determine a candidate’s ability to complete tasks efficiently. Upon successful completion, larger assignments are given and an ongoing relationship is established. Other companies offer a skill-based assessment to those interested in data entry jobs. These assessments may include a typing test, accuracy test, as well as a spreadsheet or word processing simulation quiz. Those with the proper skill set are offered consistent work and great pay.

Online data entry jobs are a bit harder to find, but are available. The pay is considerably lower for online data entry jobs, but when one factors in the convenience of working from home and the eliminated costs associated with daycare, fuel, wardrobe expenses, commuting expenses, and meal purchases, it can sometimes be worth the decrease in pay. Visiting online job sites, forums, and checking local classified ads and job boards can produce some great data entry job leads. These jobs are very competitive, so it is best to spend time searching for online data entry jobs every day. Most of these available positions are filled within a few days, at most.

It is important to look out for common scams associated with online data entry jobs. Any company that asks for an administration or processing fee to obtain a list of data entry vendors or job opportunities is a definite scam. Any company that promises that one will earn outrageous sums of money by doing simply data entry tasks or processing rebates is also a sign of a scam artist. One should exercise caution in providing any personal information to these websites.

Research is the key to securing profitable and lucrative data entry jobs. Most successful data entry specialists have several loyal clients that provide them with steady work and projects. It is always best to check with local legislation and online business verification websites, in addition to checking home worker boards to determine the credential and validity of any company that offers data entry jobs. It may take some time to acquire a data entry job; persistence and patience are essential.

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