Dealing With Adversity When Working From Home

by WorkFromHome on July 8, 2011

In traditional jobs, when something goes wrong, you have a team of people that act as a support system to help you manage the situation and get things back on track. However, if you’re working from home as a blogger or affiliate marketer, there is no one to help you meet unexpected problems but yourself. Because of the lone nature of the jobs people do who work from home, a certain self-reliance is necessary to become successful. Here we’re going to outline some concepts that can help you to develop and apply this self-reliance as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

Understanding and Leveraging the Nature of Technology

If you’re someone who wants to make money online, then understanding the actual nature of technology can help you to avoid unnecessary stress and handle adversity as it appears. The first step you have to take to be able to leverage technology in your favour is to realize that you can, and should, make backups of everything. While the obvious application of this idea is backing up your data, this also means you should have backup hosting providers, backup blogging platforms, backup advertising companies, and so on. If any single part of your operation no longer works, you should already have a backup plan in place.

The second step is to put a plan in action that manages and updates these backup solutions. This plan will be unique to your own personal situation, but you need to develop a plan and put it into action so that you are taking an active approach in making technology work for you. If you take a passive approach and don’t make backups in a systematic fashion, then you’ll find yourself working against technology since it will have the potential to cause you problems that you are not ready for. In essence, this is the application of preventative strategies to keep technology-based problems from stopping you from making money with blogging or affiliate marketing. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the same idea applies to your online business.

Focus on the Present Moment to Minimise Your Recovery Time

At some point in your online career you will be blindsided by a problem that you didn’t see coming. You will not have prepared for this problem at all, and you will be at a loss for what to do about it. If a server crashes and losses all of your data, or if your site is inexplicably banned from the search engines, your emotions will be running wild. In situations like this, you have to avoid the temptation to wish everything was different and that the problem wouldn’t have happened. This is useless and wastes energy that you’re going to need if you want to get yourself back on track. The best way to centre yourself emotionally and get your head back on straight is to focus intensely on the present moment and what’s going on at that specific moment in time. If you follow this approach, your mindset will shift from worrying about what has happened in the past to thinking completely about what needs to be done next. This great focus on what needs to be done is your greatest weapon in dealing with adversity if you want to keep your sanity as a self-employed individual.

The Positive Feedback Loop

You’re going to run into really difficult problems on a regular basis. There is no such thing as a perfect world where you don’t have to face adversity, and you should be happy that this is how things are. Facing difficult times is one of the things in life that most people have a certain pride about, and this pride can help to motivate you to work even harder and make even more money. As you work more and work harder, you will inevitably run into more problems, which in turn gives you more motivation, and so on. Facing adversity with a strong will creates a positive feedback loop that will help to propel you forward to make more money, so you should be glad every time you have the opportunity to prove yourself in the face of difficult circumstances.

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