Dealing With Home Business Burn Out – 5 Causes And Cures

by WorkFromHome on August 9, 2011

When you decide to start a home based business you are often making a larger than expected commitment. Many people desire to start a home business to have more free time, only to find that they are working many more hours because they enjoy their new business. At some point in every home based professional life, however, burn out sets in. You wake up one morning dreading the thought of going into your home office. You can no longer smile when you answer the phone. You crawl into bed at night exhausted and weary.
Many people believe that this is a sign that you are in over your head and that it may be better to go back to being an employee. It is at this point that many quit. Successful entrepreneurs can recognize the sign of burn out and address the problem.

  1. Lack of delegation. With success comes responsibility. That is the simple truth that you must acknowledge. Along with that responsibility tasks arise that you may not have been prepared to handle. All too often you find yourself overwhelmed with all of the minor things of running a business instead of working on things that matter to you or the success of your endeavour. You must find a way to delegate some of these tasks to another person, perhaps a virtual assistant, to handle so you can work on the big project of managing a business. If you do not feel that you have the financial capabilities yet to hire help, create a schedule for yourself. It may sound simple, but it works. Create a schedule for what you will do on what day, and stick to it, regardless. This is a way of delegating tasks. You will soon see the stress start to ease.
  2. Lack of holiday. It is not very unusual for someone to decide that they want to start a home based business because they desire more free time, only to discover they are working more. Most people put in more hours because they enjoy a home business so much, others are just goal oriented and will stop at nothing. Then the day arrives when you cannot stand to get out of bed. You need to make time for a holiday. The business will survive if you go to the beach for the day and leave all communication tools home. In all honesty, it will survive if you do it for an entire weekend. Work at home professionals must make the time to take a holiday so they can return to their business clear minded and refreshed.
  3. Financial difficulties. A typical home based business owner believes that they can do it all – including the bookkeeping and balancing the budget. While it is possible for some, it is difficult for most. Consider finding help with your finances. A lot of times a second opinion is all that is needed of fix a financial problem.
  4. Friends and family issues. The hardest part about owning a business that you run from home is that most of your friends and family will believe that this means you are at their disposal. They will call and visit during the time you have set aside from work. They will barrage you with forwarded emails, and they will harass you to get on the social networks and chat. This is always a cause of stress. You do not wish to be rude to those you care for, but you must. Set your business hours and let everyone know that you are off limits during that time of day – period.
  5. You hate what you do. Sometimes you need to step back and evaluate your business. Are you really pleased with it? Do you enjoy what you do? Is your business lacking success simply because you do not like what you are selling? Sometimes entrepreneurs are quick to jump into a new opportunity because they are good marketers and the product is a top seller. Many of these business owners soon find that they despise the product. You have the ability to change your business. You created this one, create another. You must be happy to be successful.

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