Do You Have What It Takes To Work From Home?

by WorkFromHome on July 14, 2011

One of the fastest growing employment trends is work from home opportunities. With a shaky world economy, high unemployment and seemingly endless world financial problems, the thought of being in complete control of your career and income is appealing to many. The Internet has opened up countless opportunities for people wishing to work from home, but how do you decide which opportunity best suites your needs? When you decide that you are going to become a home-based professional, you must evaluate yourself honestly to know which direction to take.

What Personality Type Are You?

To decide what type of business you should pursue from home ask yourself the following questions. The answers will help you determine which line of work you will be most geared toward you.

  • Enjoys interacting with people. Feels secure about themselves and any product that they promote. Does not take “no” for an answer easily. Does not disappoint easily when a sale fails. Understands the importance of social networking both on and offline. Smiles, even when sad.

    If this describes your personality type, you may be well geared toward network marketing and product promotions. There are thousands of products that have programs that pay well for product sales and promotions. You can opt to promote one company or product line, or several at once.

  • Very Internet savvy. Understands that Web 2.0 is the wave of the future. Knows how to interact on all the social sites. Understands search engine optimisation. Knows that what they want they can find on the Internet, and believes everyone else should feel the same way.

    People that are “plugged in” to the Internet in this fashion make perfect affiliate marketers. They understand how the Internet works, and they are able to make it work for them. This personality type can see the trends on the Internet, and use it to their advantage.

  • Perfectionist. Has superior organisational skills. This personality type can multi-task without ever missing a step. You know how to run an office, you understand the importance of professionalism, you are always on time, if not early and you almost never forget an important date.

    This personality type is perfect for a virtual assistant profession. Virtual assistants (VA’s) are home-based assistants that work directly with professionals and executives exclusively. It is much like the jobs that are performed in an office, only everything is done via the Internet or telephone.

  • Enjoys working on the computer more than with people. This personality type is very skilled with computers and software. They understand the importance of data, and the need to get the information right. They would much rather work processing data than standing at the water cooler gossiping. They feel comfortable at their desks, and don’t mind the tediousness of keyboarding for long periods of time.

    Data entry or data processing is the perfect work-at-home business for this personality type. There are companies all around the world hiring data processors to compile information for their companies. Many people, unless they have the computer skills, cannot do this job well because it takes considerable concentration and the ability to spend long hours processing information. A person with this type of personality will make a good income being able to provide this service.

  • Creative and expressive. You have the need to express what you think through written word. You must always ponder over world events, retail products or even your flower garden. You can express yourself best through written words.

    Freelance writing positions are great for this personality type. There are so many different ways to make money through writing, such as blog posts, article writing, product reviews and technical writing, that a writer can make money by expressing themselves in any way that they feel comfortable.

  • Opinionated and concerned. You are concerned with what happens in the world. You want corporations to act more responsible with their products. You want politicians to change laws. You want to make a difference in the world, and you want your opinion to count.

    Online survey job positions are in line with your personality type. You can earn a great income completing surveys about different products, political issues, environmental issues and more. You can join research panels to test products, you can join opinion panels on products or services. The best point, you can do all of this while getting paid.

    Another opportunity for this personality type is mystery shoppers. Mystery shopping requires you to actively get involved with a product or service and report back to the corporate headquarters with your findings. You are paid for your services as well as being able to keep for free any products or services you review.

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