Earn Money from Home by Blogging

by WorkFromHome on January 2, 2012

Blogging has become one of the best and most lucrative ways for everyday people to earn money from home. To start a successful blog you simply need to be good at sales and marketing copy, have a persuasive and friendly writing style, and commit to updating and maintaining your blog daily for maximum income potential.

The first step to earning money from blogging is to create a free or low-cost website or blog domain name from one of thousands of reputable hosting sites. These sites offer all of the tools, tutorials, and information necessary to assist you in setting up your site according to your specific needs.

Picking a profitable niche is essential to the success of your blog or website. Although it helps to have a vested interest in the topic of your initial site, the ultimate goal is profit. Many professional bloggers run several successful sites. Sometimes it is necessary to branch out of your comfort zone and take on a topic or niche that may be foreign to you. In time, the topic will become second nature to you and writing relevant content will be easier for you. A free course on internet marketing can teach you everything you need to know on how to set up your site and how to use targeted “long-tail keywords” to drive tons of traffic to your site.

Depending upon your targeted site niche, you earn money by placing referral links, banners, or advertisements on your site. As visitors come to your site, they click on one of your referral links or banners and you earn a commission each time someone clicks on and/or purchases a product or service. There are thousands of third-party referral sites that allow you to select from e-books, products, financial services, and work from home products to sell on your site. You earn a flat rate or percentage-based commission depending upon the product and how it converts.

Most commission sites pay weekly, while others pay bi-weekly or monthly for commissions earned that month. Some sites pay by cheque and others pay by online payment processing service or site. A select number of sites will pay out the month following earned commissions.

The key to driving traffic to your blog or website is through pay-per-click advertising or article marketing. With pay-per-click advertising you invest money. Pay-per-click advertising can be very risky if you are not careful and have not done proper research, but the rewards with a successful pay-per-click advertising campaign are instant. Article marketing requires nothing more than your time in submitting keyword-rich articles to a variety of online article sites. It can take several months before the efforts of your articles become noticeable, so most bloggers incorporate both types of marketing into their campaigns.

Some bloggers and website owners prefer the simplicity of advertising on popular forums that cater to their specific niche. By becoming a regular contributor to these forums, you can add a “signature” that posts automatically each time you post on the forums. You can customise the signature to include any referral links or website links along with eye-catching sales or marketing copy, bright colours, and other information to draw in new website visitors. You must frequently contribute quality posts and visit the forums often throughout the day to maximise exposure for your website. Commenting on more popular and higher-ranked blogs in your niche is another great way to obtain what is known as “backlinks.” With backlinks, you leave a comment on a post or thread and include your website or blog address or referral link. If you contribute relevant information to the site, other visitors of that site are likely to find their way to your site through your link. It will also boost your page rank and bump you higher up in the search engines, which ultimately results in more sales and visitors.

Maintaining and updating your blog regularly keeps content fresh; this keeps visitors coming back to your site. Many blog sites and website companies offer opt-in or plug-in buttons that allow readers the opportunity to join your email list. When customers and visitors begin opting-in your income will exponentially increase. You can customise marketing emails and sell products and services much more easily to those on your opt-in lists because these people trust you and your content enough to take the time to subscribe to your updates and feeds.

Readers also like to be able to leave comments and communicate with site owners, ask questions, and relay personal experiences or leave feedback. Many blog and website templates offer options to add forums or comment/suggestion features on your site. Feedback and activity on your site from visitors makes future visitors more likely to click on your advertisements or links.

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