Find Your Ideal Home Business Based On Your Personality Type

by WorkFromHome on October 26, 2011

Many Australians are thrilled by the idea of getting to start their own business and, in doing so, taking control of their lives by being their own boss. Many potential home based business owners are terrified of finding themselves stuck in the house without any contact with the outside world. Other Australians, though, are just as concerned about having to spend their days shaking hands and networking with potential clients when they would be much happier at their desks working. Regardless of which personality type you are, there are an ideal home business ideas that you can use to build your dream company. Read on to find it!

Find Your Personality Type Before You Find Your Home Business

Before you can identify your ideal home business idea, though, you will have to do some soul searching to identify what your personality type is and what you will need to make you happy. There is no right answer and there is no one personality type that will be more or less successful than another in building a home business.

Ask yourself, are you happiest when you are leading a meeting or when you are deep in thought about a thorny problem at your desk? Do you sign up for every networking event and continuing education class or would you prefer to sign up for the webcast being streamed online? Do you thrive on zipping around town to visit with different clients or vendors or would you prefer to conduct your conversations over the phone or via e-mail?

If you found yourself identifying more with the former choices in the questions above, then you are likely an extrovert and someone who will enjoy a home business that has a high level of contact with others. On the other hand, if you were more inclined toward the latter options, then, as an introvert, your ideal home based business is probably one that is much more solitary. Of course, it is possible that you had a mix of responses as well. If that is the case, then do not worry. As someone who enjoys a medium level of contact with others, there are ideal home business ideas for you as well!

High Contact Business Ideas Keep Extroverts Mixing And Mingling With Others

For the dynamic extroverted professional the biggest worry in starting a home business is that his or her home will begin to feel like a prison, isolating him or her from the rest of the world. There are many home based businesses though that will require you to spend most of your time working directly with clients and vendors:

  • Wedding singers are always in the centre of the spotlight
  • Party planners and event organizers spend their days negotiating with vendors and planning unique events with their clients
  • Virtual assistants are always talking with their clients or someone else about how to make their clients happy
  • Home based daycare operators have a house full of children all day, every day

Medium Contact Business Ideas Are Great For Those Who Need Some Quiet Time

Need at least a couple hours a day of quiet time to stay at your best as a professional? Plenty of people do, which is why there are so many Australians who artfully arrange their schedules so that they can spend time with clients and vendors as well as at home focusing on their work. Read on for some ways to turn your talent for working with others as well as focusing alone into a profitable home business:

  • Accounting professionals can spend time discussing financial results with their clients but do the bulk of their bookkeeping and income tax preparation work at home
  • Freelance writers and web designers work with their clients to understand their needs before working solo to deliver the finished product
  • Researchers also work with clients at the start of a project to understand it before going off to do the work on their own. After it is complete, though, they often deliver the results in person

Low Contact Business Ideas Let Introverts Go Solo

If you are at your best when working by yourself for long chunks of time then working from home is a great way to leverage that facet of your personality to support yourself and your family. Read on for some of the best ways to do it:

  • Craft business owners, especially if you plan to sell your products online, structure their days around creating their stock not on shaking hands with clients
  • Pastry chefs can create their delicious treats at home prior to delivering them to partner restaurants each evening
  • Data entry operators can conduct all of their business via e-mail!

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