Finding Good Topics to Write About in Your Blog

by WorkFromHome on May 17, 2011

One of the most difficult things to deal with as a blogger is having nothing to write about. Being able to build up and maintain a metaphorical well of ideas will help you to avoid writer’s block. With this obstacle out of your way, you’ll be able to regularly produce fresh content and keep your readers happy. You will also feel better about your blog and the whole experience of running a blog since you will have less anxiety and fear about the writing process. Here we’re going to look at how a blogger can keep new ideas coming without a threat of ever running out of material to write about.

Keeping Readers Up to Date With Industry News

New things are happening on a regular basis in every industry. As a blogger, industry news can be a good source of blogging topics if you avoid the temptation to simply summarize the news topics. Instead, you should go a bit deeper and analyse what’s going on, bringing your own unique viewpoints into play. The real value of industry news for you as a blogger is that it gives you a never-ending source for topics that you can give your opinion on.

What you have to understand when writing about industry news is that there are hundreds of good news outlets on the Internet, and most of them are probably going to be bigger than your blog. The only way you can compete with these news websites is if you provide something special and different. When you give your own personal analysis of what is going on in your industry, you are leveraging your unique qualities as an individual. This is the key to writing industry news content that people want to read.

Writing Product Reviews

Companies create products for almost every industry because there is a demand that they want to cash in on. As a blogger who is trying to avoid writer’s block, you can take advantage of this by writing product reviews about new and popular goods and services related to your industry. While it might seem that there is a rather limited supply of new goods out there to review, you can drastically increase the amount of material you have to write about if you write with a focus on depth instead of breadth.

For example, suppose some new book comes out in your field. One approach would be to write a blog post of about 500-600 words summarizing the book as a whole and giving your opinion of whether it’s good or not. A more in-depth approach would be to write a blog post about each individual chapter or section of the book, breaking down the key ideas and giving your own analysis. Not only will this way of writing a review help you to get more content written, it will also create a higher demand for your blog posts among your readers, since there will be very few reviews written on a chapter-by-chapter basis.


If you’re an expert in your field and can offer instructional advice, then coming up with ideas for tutorials can help you avoid writer’s block for a long time. Take the time to make an outline of all of the areas in your industry that you can write on effectively, and break them down so that you can make blog posts out of individual points. If you have topics that might make exceptionally long posts, then feel free to break them up into a multiple post series.

In Conclusion

If you put effort into keeping a running list of ideas for blog posts, and put time into developing this list each week, then it will be hard for you to ever run out of blog ideas. This active approach is the key to avoiding writer’s block, and will make you feel much happier about writing for and maintaining your blog.

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