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A freelance job is not truly a job. After all, the very nature of freelancing means that you are working for yourself. Rather than punching someone else’s time clock every day, on a schedule that may or may not work for you and your family, freelancing allows you to cherry pick those assignments that best fit your interests, schedule and personal goals. As a result, performing freelance work in your niche area of expertise, can be rewarding on both personal and financial levels.

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Freelancing is often used as a generic term for a wide variety of work that you can do for different companies as a consultant or independent contractor. As an employee, you would be subject to the whims of an employer’s human resources policies, a boss’s preferences concerning your hours, dress code and vacation time and the other vagaries of working as someone else’s employee.

Freelancing means that you will contract to provide your expertise, whether it is as a writer, editor, bookkeeper, web designer or in another niche specialty area, to one or many companies. It is then up to you to fulfil your contract, typically by delivering a completed project. Even if your freelancing is delivered by providing a service, such as a number of hours of research, you will still have a high level of freedom in how you choose to complete your work. Ultimately, you will provide your completed work to the company paying you for your time in a report or another format that you have previously agreed upon prior to beginning your research.

Even if you have spent the past several years or even decades working as an employee, and have never worked as a freelancer or independent consultant, you can still leverage that knowledge and experience to build a successful freelance business to support yourself and your family. While the amount of money that you can earn from your consulting work will vary based upon your specialty area and the different business sectors that you can serve, in general, the more highly technically specialized your area of expertise is, the more you can expect to earn. This means that while data entry freelance work may pay reasonably well, someone who is able to perform complex financial or medical data entry work will earn more, while someone who is able to analyse that data will be able to reap even further financial benefits.

The financial rewards that you can reap while freelancing is only one of the benefits available to you as an independent consultant. Running your own freelance business means that you will be able to work from home in Sydney, while travelling with your family in Adelaide or Perth, or even while abroad, as long as you are plugged in online.

Forget about those uncomfortable business suits, hours spent sitting in overstuffed office chair and boring meetings. If you are tired of time wasted while stuck in traffic during a long commute to and from the office every morning and night, then freelancing will be especially attractive. It means that you can roll out of bed and be at work within a matter of moments. Type out your reports or be paid to fill out online surveys while wearing comfortable sweatpants or your favourite yoga pants. Kick up your feet on the sofa while you read the latest research for your reports instead of hunching over a desk, and save yourself a backache later!

Besides the creature comforts, though, freelance work means that you can also take full control of where you go as a professional in the future. Regardless of what field you are working in, or where you want to go in it, your future is up to you when you are able to choose each and every project that you take on. While employees at a company often have to pay their dues when they are hired with a year or two of boring projects, you are able to ensure that every project you work on has a direct and positive impact on your career.

Best of all, your career, both now and in the future, is never subject to the whims of others like it would be if you were working for someone else full time. Working as a freelancer means never wondering if you will get a promotion again, because you have effectively promoted yourself. Your friends and relatives may be stuck with small raises from their employers each year, but you may be able to earn more and more money each year. Every time you negotiate a new contract with a client, you have the opportunity to raise your rate according to the specific project, market conditions, and any new skills or qualifications that you have acquired, which will serve to benefit the client.

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