Freelance Writers Can Draw On Their Professional Pasts As Business Copy Writers

by WorkFromHome on June 29, 2011

Copy writing is a huge area for freelance writers in Australia. Thanks to the Internet, you can connect with the biggest corporations in Sydney and the most creative new start up businesses in Melbourne no matter where in Australia you are located without ever having to leave home. Businesses need articulate copy writers to provide them with a variety of different writing products, ranging from simple advertising copy for new brochures to complex technical writing suitable for use in an industry specific arena.

Successful Business Copy Writers Are Great Business Partners First

There are many wonderful freelance writers who will never enjoy successful careers as business copy writers. This is because they lack the soft skills that are necessary in today’s business environment in order to communicate effectively with clients and other business partners. This means being able to adapt quickly and adroitly to changes in business plans, communicate alterations, criticisms and other directions to business partners, such as art departments, and provide clients with up to date information regarding a project’s status without overwhelming them with unnecessary details.

What Makes Business Copy Writing Different From Regular Writing

Freelance writers wondering if they have what it takes to provide quality business copy writing should remember that, generally speaking, business copy writing is intended to provide a “call to action” that provokes readers to buy a product or service or, if the business copy writing is to appear somewhere on the Internet, to visit a specific website or article online.

A subset of business copy writing’s call to action is whether or not the goal is to encourage the consumer to spend money on anything on a website or offered by a retailer, or if the goal is to create an urgency in the consumer so that he or she feels compelled to purchase a specific product or service. A good comparison for this last item is to commercials on television that encourage viewers to call to buy a specific makeup kit or set of children’s toys.

Good Business Copy Writing Is Still Good Writing

If you were to read an article that was filled with typographical errors, obviously slanted or totally unfocused, you would be unlikely to bother with wasting your time on finishing reading it. The same is true for every other Australian, which is why it is so critical that when you write business copy that it be of an extremely high quality so that the reader does not have any reason to stop reading the article and turn his or her attention to something else.

With so many other websites, magazines, television shows, advertisements and other media sources competing for consumers’ increasingly limited attention spans, only the highest quality business copy writing keeps their attention long enough to execute the call to action. Celebrity magazine writers often work to seed their articles with interesting and salacious tidbits so as to keep their readers engaged through the end of the article. For business copy writers, however, the key is to carefully structure the article so that the reader is naturally led to the conclusion, which is that he or she should be signing up with the website in question or purchasing the item being discussed. Balancing an ability to describe even the most mundane items in flattering terms with subtlety will allow you to maintain your credibility with your readers and your clients.

Getting Started As A Business Copy Writer

Before you begin to advertise your services as a business copy writer in addition to those as a freelance writer you should take stock of your skill set. Have you had any experience in writing any advertising copy? Product descriptions, brochures and even brief scripts for telemarketers are all experiences that you can draw upon to help show your potential new clients that you have what it takes to get them the business that they are looking for.

As you begin to write business copy make sure that you have an up to date reference book on grammar as well as a dictionary. These important reference books are imperatives for serious freelance writers as they work on business copy writing projects. Your clients are not going to be interested in editing your work for you when they are willing to pay you a premium in order to receive a polished and professional finished product. Delivering anything less than that to them will almost certainly mean the end of your relationship with them. It also could mean the end of your reputation among their colleagues and other business contacts, which could mean the end of your career in writing advertising and other business copy for different businesses.

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