Freelance Writing Tips to Boost Your Income

by WorkFromHome on May 6, 2011

The internet has made it possible to earn a living right from your own home. There are many different positions available for those desiring to work from home, but writing is one of the easiest businesses that you can start, to earn money online. If you are good at writing and enjoy doing it, this may be an option for you to earn a good living from home.

Here are a few suggestions to get your work from home freelance writing business off the ground:

Is There a Need For Writing?

Usually, when people think of writing as a career, they want to add the word starving. They believe that the only people who make a good living from writing are those few individuals who write best sellers. Wrong! There are many companies who need writers, and the internet has expanded this need greatly. Just about every business has a website and a blog, and somebody needs to write content for these mediums. With the internet, everything happens in an instant, so it is very important to keep information fresh and new, especially on a website or blog. Therefore, you can always find writing jobs, as companies are always needing to place new and updated content on their websites.

Websites for Writing Jobs

There are many websites that hire writers. These websites provide articles for paying customers. This is a great way for you to earn some money, while simultaneously building a portfolio of writing samples. Do an on-line search for companies that pay you to write. You will be surprised at how many there are. Most will require an application and a writing sample before you are accepted as one of their writers. Review the company and its policies thoroughly, so that you are familiar with their rules and their practices. Not all companies will be a good fit for all writers.

Start A Writing Website

If you are serious about earning a living by writing online, you should build a website where you can send potential clients. This will make you come across as a serious and professional writer. Your website should tell a little about yourself and provide samples of your writing ability. Most people will want to see a sample of your work, and there is not an easier way to provide a sample than to give them a link to your website. There, they can peruse through all of your entire writing portfolio if they desire, and get a real feel of your work. Of course, you should only put your best work on your website, to be used as a good representation of your abilities.

Start A Blog

A blog is another form of writing that you can also use as advertising. If you want to be a writer, and you are good at it, you can start writing a blog, and advertise it. If you are a good writer, chances are, your blog will be read regularly by many people. You can use your blog as a writing sample, but more than likely, you will get work from someone who already enjoys your blog.

Write An E-Book

E-books have become phenomenally popular. E-books are downloaded instead of printed and bound. E-books are usually downloaded right after purchase, which makes them extremely convenient. You can find e-books that are written on just about any topic. If you are a writer, you can develop an e-book and sell it through an online information distributor. As with articles and blogs, anything you write can become a good representation of your ability, and if you write well, you may soon have a following.

The internet has created a huge need for writing. If you love to write, and you are good at writing, you can easily find many opportunities to make a living doing what you love to do, right from your own home!

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