Frequently Asked Questions About Data Entry Jobs

by WorkFromHome on May 8, 2011

Data entry is an occupation that may seem at first glance to be a job that’s easy to get and easy to keep. But, not only must you understand the intricacies of the job, you must also be prepared for other pitfalls — otherwise, you will fail. Though data entry employment may seem wonderful when compared to other manual labour, you still have to be diligent and hard-working to advance up the career ladder. Data entry jobs in Australia have their own set of challenges to face. If you’ll be working from home, there will be concerns specific to that situation that must be dealt with and solved. To help you out, here’s some questions and answers about working at data entry from home.

What are the qualifications for a data entry job?

You do not need any special further level of education to get a data entry job. The only requirements are that you be able to concentrate on doing a repetitive task for hours at a time without making mistakes and without being distracted. If these characteristics describe you, then you are the perfect candidate for a data entry position. But, if you don’t quite fit this profile, don’t worry — these are the sort of things anyone can learn. Be sure to mention on your resume any of these extra qualifications beyond the basics.

What does a data entry professional do?

All data entry positions involve some degree of sitting at a computer keyboard and typing. But, beyond that, data entry jobs run the gamut, from copying data points field by field into a database input form to doing research for updating incorrect information already on the computer. The simplest level of data entry consists of reading raw data off a printed document and copying it into input fields on a screen. The next level up is verifying computer data against other sources and correcting errors as needed. Beyond that, data entry may become basic research that then must be entered accurately into a computer database. Even at this level, instructions must be followed to the letter, though the data itself may feel incomprehensible to you. The secret is to be as efficient and correct as possible in following the stated directions.

What’s the pay for data entry jobs?

Pay depends not just on your level of technical skill. The market for data entry jobs is based on supply and demand. The more demand there is for data entry workers in an area where there are few such workers, the higher the pay. But, in an area where there are more data entry workers, the lower the pay will be. So, in developed countries, the pay scale may be lower. But, suitable positions in data entry that pay well enough can be found if you are qualified, have some experience and do some searching. A starting position in data entry will always have a low salary, but hard work will gain you raises and promotions.

In less developed countries, even a low starting salary may seem fantastic, providing more than enough money on which to live. However, realize there will be many other people competing with you for data entry work — you must prove yourself to be better than any of them at the task and must work that much harder to keep your employment.

Where can I find data entry jobs?

There are many web sites where potential employees can meet with potential employers. Evaluate these sites first before you begin using them. Focus on the ones with the best reputations, based on feedback from both employers and applicants. Set up a personal profile that emphasizes your qualifications, experience and data entry capabilities. Be sure to include your level of education and your data entry experience in your resume. Throw a wide net and be persistent in your inquiries. Don’t ignore the traditional data entry job listings in newspapers and at agencies.

Which offers for data entry jobs are scams?

Develop a radar for scams. People can let the desire to work from home overwhelm their common sense. Because there are so many people willing to believe something that seems too good to be true, a con artist can take advantage of people’s wish to do better in life and steal, steal and steal some more. Stay with a job listing website that has a good reputation. Be careful when working for employers you’ve never dealt with before.

Can I do data entry work at home?

Distractions are the bane of a data entry worker. In a business office, there are many time wasters. At home, at least, you are in control of the distractions. Because of today’s technology, people who work at data entry from home have become the norm rather than the exception.

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