Help Others Celebrate As An Event Planner

by WorkFromHome on May 27, 2011

If you have a knack for planning parties for your friends and families and love to help others get ready for the biggest moments in their lives, then exploring a career as an event planner may be a great way for you to enjoy a great income while working from home. Event planners get to work with a wide variety of different clients and vendors to create weddings, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteen parties and corporate events, while using their home as their base of operations. This means that if you want to be home when your kids get home from school, it is easy to do so without having to race to get there from the office.

Start Small To Begin Building Your Business

Start your event planning business small. Your first events should be smaller scaled parties, which are easier to plan and execute, and therefore more likely to be the sort of unqualified successes that will garner you rave reviews and recommendations to others. The best event planning businesses get their clients from word of mouth, not by spending a great deal of money on advertising in magazines and on the radio.

Keeping Calm Is Key To Success

To be successful as an event planner, you must be able to remain organized and graceful under intense pressure. Weddings are increasingly lucrative events for event planners, however brides are notoriously high strung and emotional clients. In recent years, grooms have also begun to take part in planning their weddings, which may mean that you will have to be able to referee a premarital spat or two as you take a couple through planning their wedding. Most couples also have at least one of their mothers involved in the wedding planning process. This means that you should be prepared to carefully navigate the often emotionally fraught relationships between parents and their adult children, as well as their future in-laws, while getting your job done.

As an event planner you also need to be the liaison between the client, whether it is a bridal couple or a corporate client, and a whole host of different vendors. As the client changes his or her mind about different facets of an event, such as decorations, food or music, you need to be able to negotiate those changes with the vendors. Your client is counting on you to remain calm while effectively negotiating to get them what they want without incurring thousands of dollars of extra fees. Of course, when you are unable to avoid all fees, you also need to be able to deliver bad news to your client.

Creativity Will Catapult You To The Top

What will make you one of the most sought after event planners in your area is not whether you work in an office or from your home. It is how creative you can be with your client’s ideas, theme and budget. Stretch your imagination as you try to come up with ways to celebrate your client’s happy occasions that have not been used before.

Your services may include helping your clients with unusual tasks, so be ready to get out a tape measure to help a bride pick out her veil or advise an expectant mothers friends on the best time of day to hold a baby shower to avoid having it interrupted by morning sickness. Try to think out of the box when making suggestions to your clients, so that they never wonder if they could have planned their event themselves.

You will be able to enjoy much higher commissions if you are able to charge your clients for both your creative ideas, as well as the convenience of your services. Many event planners offer a variety of different services and price them accordingly. You can offer a lower priced coordination service for the day of a client’s event, wherein you will handle the details on the day of the event only. This includes directing different vendors to the correct places, having the bridesmaids and bride walk down the aisle at the right moment during a wedding ceremony, and other details.

Having great ideas, such as themes for bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah receptions and sweet sixteen parties and ways to express them, and extra creative ways to celebrate corporate mergers and product launches will get you lucrative contracts to plan parties and events from the very beginning. This means even more money paid to you in consulting fees for work that you can do fro the comfort of your home. Best of all, the time that you spend brainstorming ideas for your clients can be done in conjunction with being a stay at home parent, so you do not have to upend your children’s schedule.

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