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Working from home and owning a home based business is one of the most liberating and rewarding experiences for anyone interested in being their own boss and obtaining financial freedom. Of course, behind every successful home business lies a hard-working professional committed to their operational success and financial goals. The numbers of individuals starting home based businesses are on the rise. Unstable economies coupled with rising costs for fuel and daycare has forced many to turn to their talents and create a work from home empire.

Get Your Starter Kit

The path to deciding which home based business is right for an individual should not be rushed. There are many factors to consider in the pre-planning stage, and it is best to speak to a financial advisor, tax accountant, and someone who successfully works from home. These professionals give honest advice on everything from tax liability and deductions to overhead costs and capital, and are viable sources of information. They can help an individual looking to start a home business formulate a plan of action, determine the type of business most beneficial to their lifestyle, and estimate the total cost for business start-up capital.

How to Select the Right Home Based Business

Turn your hobby or passion into a successful business. This is the single most important key to running a successful home based business.

Some people are excellent writers, with a strong command of the English language. Freelance writing may be an excellent career choice for these types of individuals. There are many freelance writing sites on the internet that pay a high wage for quality articles. Many of these sites partner with exclusive clients. Submitting quality work can lead to larger projects, often offered directly from the client, resulting in huge pay. Freelance writers earn $25 per hour, on average. The great thing is that most freelance writers have the ability to write about anything they want and earn great pay.

Other individuals may find success starting their own transcription or data entry business. More and more companies are outsourcing tasks of this nature to contractors interested in performing these services full or part-time. It is the age of the digital era, and the process of maintaining and converting from paper files to digital and audio files is at an all-time high. Medical facilities, doctors’ offices, legal offices, and hospitals simply do not have the manpower to convert these documents in a timely fashion. As a result, they have begun to contract with people who are experienced in these fields and can do the work from their home office. In fact, the majority of workers in transcription or data entry now work from home exclusively. They submit completed assignments via email, or drop off their work to local companies. There is no shortage of work in these fields, as projects and demand are plentiful. Networking within one’s community can offer great rewards. Having a resume’ and cover letter of excellent quality can open many doors of opportunity. Handing out business cards is another great way of networking to gain contractual work.

Cooking and crafting are other profitable work at home businesses. Those passionate about baking, cooking, canning, painting, and sewing have wonderful opportunities to start a home business. Many local merchants and food stores base a large portion of their revenue on purchasing locally-harvested products to sell within their stores. This is a win-win for both the store, and the home-based business owner. Sending local markets or stores samples of food, art, or clothing usually turns into a full-time business relationship. One can work at home making the goods and deliver finished products, at will. Generally, the store will take a small percentage of the total sale, but the artisan receives most of the profit. If selling local isn’t desirable, there are many online marketplaces that cater to the sale of hand-crafted merchandise and baked goods/sauces. Items are listed for sale, where customers can purchase the goods and have the business owner in control of advertising and shipment.

Anyone can have the home-based business of their dreams if they have the desire, perform the research, and obtain the knowledge to run one successfully. With passion, attainable goals, start-up capital, and advice from reputable advisors, one can succeed in business-ownership.

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