Home Based Businesses For Cooks

by WorkFromHome on May 16, 2011

If you are happiest when you are in the kitchen, with an apron tied around your waist and a series of mixing bowls, pots and pans spread out on your counters, then starting a home based business that is focused on cooking or baking could be a sweet (or savoury!) way for you to enjoy a great new career. The Internet has made it possible for home cooks and bakers to turn their kitchens into miniature artisan specialty food shops, and for creative chefs to share their favourite dishes with the world. Best of all, you can spend all day doing what you love and be able to support your family with the income that you earn from it.

If you have a signature baked good, then you may be able to build a home based business around baking it in bulk and selling it. When it comes to selling your baked good, you have two options. While many restaurants have their own pastry chefs, there are a lot that will buy their desserts from a bakery or from a home based baker like yourself. Visit individually owned restaurants to inquire about whether they would be interested in entering in a trial relationship with you. Be warned though, this will likely mean baking a great number of cheesecakes, brownies or other baked goods and delivering them to the restaurant six or even seven days a week!

Your other option, as a baker working from home, is to sell your baked goods online. Make sure that you can safely ship your cookies, cakes or other items to your customers without the risk of them spoiling. This may mean that you will have to limit your sales to within Australia. Set up a website that showcases your baked goods to get started!

Love to cook dinner, but lack interest in baking? Do not worry, there are still plenty of great opportunities for you to work from home as a chef! Many professionals, particularly dual income couples, love to eat great food, but do not have time to cook dinner every night. Instead of going out to a restaurant, which can get tiresome after a while, these couples like to hire personal chefs. You can do the prep work for this work at home and bring the food over to your clients’ homes to be finished there.

Another popular option that many families are beginning to pursue is having meals that have already been made by a personal chef, such as yourself, delivered to their homes for the entire week. They then heat up the meals each day and night, depending on how many meals they have purchased from you. This option allows you to do all of the prep work and cooking in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can then hire a courier to drop off the meals each week or deliver them yourself. Make sure to include heating directions so your clients can enjoy their meals, otherwise they may not want to call you next week!

Being a personal chef means being aware of your clients dietary preferences, such as a dislike of asparagus, as well as having an acute awareness of their allergies and other dietary needs. If a client’s child cannot have wheat gluten, for example, then you must be certain that while you are preparing pot roast for his dinner in your home kitchen, that pot roast does not come into contact with anything containing wheat gluten. Preparing a questionnaire that asks new clients about allergies to wheat gluten, lactose, eggs and other foods as well as other preference items can help to reduce the likelihood of contamination making a client sick.

If preparing food for others sounds a little too stressful, do not despair. You can still work from your home kitchen, even if the only people you are cooking for are your own family. Food blogs have become very popular over the past few years. If you can take great photographs of the meals that you make and write interesting reviews of the recipes you try out, then you can build a following of loyal readers. If you create your own recipes, then you can also build a great career while working from home.

Website visitors will enjoy trying out your recipes and seeing your photographs, and you can make money by selling advertising space on your blog. You can sell space by using a pay-per-click service that records revenue for you whenever a visitor comes to your website or you can sell advertising space to other businesses directly on a monthly basis. Eventually, you may be able to sell an e-book of your recipes to readers to add to your blog’s income.

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