Home Business Ideas That Allow You To Work At Home

by WorkFromHome on July 17, 2011

Shaky economies and the reduced number of available jobs are an unfortunate part of today’s economy. Despite the negative aspects of today’s job markets, citizens have decided to take control of their financial future and lifestyle by opening up their own home business. Owning your own business can not only bring great financial freedom, but also allow you to create your own schedule, make executive decisions about marketing and profit strategies, and afford you more time with your family. You also eliminate or reduce common costs such as child care, gas, tolls, parking, wardrobe-related expenses, and costly meals on-the-job. Here are some profitable home business ideas that can have you earning money in no time.

Virtual Assistant

Anyone with experience in switchboard operations, receptionist-based positions, customer service centres, administrative assistant duties, or office management can easily secure clients and establish a high-paying virtual assistant business. A professional virtual assistant handles the day-to-day operations of small businesses. They have calls routed to their home office via routing software and answer questions, set up meetings, and order products for clients, vendors, and customers. In addition to phone work, they also generate e-mails, create spreadsheets, generate and send marketing materials, and handle payroll within the company.

In some cases, they may also be responsible for purchasing goods and supplies, maintaining inventory statistics, and creating slideshow presentations to be presented to local or online business prospects. A virtual assistant truly wears many hats so that the business owner can concentrate on the core business model and focus on bringing in new clients and customers to the business. Virtual assistants are some of the highest paid home business owners.

Answering Service

If you can gather vital information quickly and efficiently, have a pleasant and calming phone voice or demeanour, and enjoy working nights and weekends, a home answering service business may be ideal for you. An answering service professional is responsible for gathering vital information from incoming clients and patients and relaying information to the attorney, physician, nurse, or doctor on call.

They typically gather patient or client contact information, ailment or issue of concern, and the age and birth date of the patient or client. Once the information is relayed to the professional on call, the answering service professional awaits the next call or e-mail correspondence. Phone lines can easily be routed from the establishment to the home office of the answering service professional. Since most doctor’s offices and attorneys work limited hours, a profitable answering service business professional will need to be available to answer calls primarily between the hours of five in the evening and seven in the morning on nights and unlimited availability on the weekends.

If you have young children that are up all day and sleep all night consistently or have a spouse that works a traditional nine-to-five job, an answering service business may be perfect for you.

General Service Business

Do you love animals or children? Do you have musical talents or a specialisation in a particular trade or industry? Do you enjoy running errands, grocery shopping, or doing laundry? If so, you can start a profitable business in your niche’ of choice. Elderly individuals, those with limited mobility, busy business professionals, the chronically disorganised, or those with young children, lonely pets, or limited time can always use the help of available individuals to perform day-to-day tasks on their behalf.

Professional babysitters can watch children in their own home or in the homes of the clients for a decent hourly wage. This is a great arrangement for those with limited time availability or those with small children in the home. Dog walkers can enjoy the health benefits and profits that are associated with walking dogs for a living. Canine companions are like children for most people. Caring for them, bathing them, and walking them when an owner cannot, due to vacation or hectic schedule, can yield large profits.

Chronic disorganisation can take a physical and mental toll on those that experience it. Whether it is a dishevelled garage, messy bedroom closet, or general clutter, professional organisers can bring order to virtually any space. This type of home business is very much in demand as people’s lives become increasingly busy with overtime shifts, activities, parties, and family obligations.

Running errands for the terminally busy, obtaining groceries for the handicapped, and performing wash-and-fold laundry services for the busy or laundry-challenged are great ways to earn money from home. You can choose the days of the week and the hours in which you offer services, create your own website, and post fliers in local newspapers and on online classified ad sites to gain potential clients.

Owning a home business that allows you to work from home can be a very lucrative venture. With the right amount of planning, research, and dedication, anyone can succeed in gaining wealth from their home business.

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