How To Build A Top Selling App To Make Money

by WorkFromHome on September 24, 2011

Want to get in on the burgeoning mobile phone application market? Apple’s iTunes store has proven that there is a huge market internationally for software aimed at cell phone users. Top selling apps can gross their creators and owners millions while unpopular apps can be almost as costly. Making your app popular is only part of the process though. As a business owner your also want your app to be profitable. Read on for what you need to know before you begin to write your app’s code.

Make Sure You Own The Finished Product

When it comes to information technology, or IT, the most valuable asset that you can own as a business owner is the source code behind the app that you plan to sell. Owning the source code will allow you to update your app much faster and more efficiently. Even if you plan to hire an agency or coterie of employees to write the source code initially, an iron clad contract will protect you and your investment.

Once your app launches your users will invariably come up with ways that they would like to see you improve on it. That means having to make updates to it in order to keep it relevant to the current market.

Use Templates To Write Your App

Afraid that you do not have the funds to hire a specialist app developer to create your app? While a professional designer is probably the best way to ensure that your app is of the highest possible quality while still totally unique in a market that is becoming increasingly crowded, there are some alternatives. If you are at least somewhat programming literate there are websites which sell templates and other add-ons for do-it-yourself app creators.

If you are trying to build an app yourself then you can expect to invest a significant chunk of your own time into the process. The most popular, and therefore profitable, apps are those which are unique. Unique means putting in long hours to customize and tweak various parts of the source code of your app.

Get People To Download Your App

Whether your app is a freebie which is designed as a feeder into your business’s website or one that you hope will generate cash on its own, its success depends entirely on your ability to encourage Australians and others to download it on their smart phones and tablet PCs. If you are starting with a website that already have significant traffic, then an easy first step is to advertise your app from your website.

This is where having a mobile website in addition to a traditional website will be helpful. Someone browsing your website from their home computer is less likely to download your app than someone who is looking at it from their Apple iPhone or BlackBerry. Similarly, a user on a smart phone may be turned off by a website that is not customized for a smart phones significantly smaller dimensions and he or she may click off of your website before he or she sees the link to your company’s app.

Make Your App Different From Your Website

What makes apps for businesses so successful is that they go back to basics rather than replicating a company’s e-commerce platform. As we said above, a cell phone’s screen is so much smaller than a computer screen. This means that visual real estate is at a premium so your users will want to see only the essentials. If you are building an app for a shopping website this may mean cutting down on the number of links or search fields available.

Apps for specific places, such as travel guides, on the other hands are most likely to succeed if they take advantage of technological advantages in location based information. An app that uses an user’s location to provide more useful information will be much more popular than one that feels generic. Feeding information based on the day’s weather, traffic or news is also a great way to keep your app at the top of a user’s smart phone screen.

Popular Potential Apps Can Come From Anywhere

Today’s most popular apps from iTunes range from classic puzzle games to utilities designed to increase the Apple iPhone’s security. Other popular picks at the moment include add-ons for smart phone cameras, ring sizes and myriad other apps. The lesson here is that a popular app can be based on nearly anything as long as it is well made and unique. Copying someone else’s app will not win you any fans or sales!

Start brainstorming what app you would like to have on your phone and go from there. It could be as simple as a fun new screen saver or an app to record live music and add it into a user’s music library. Let your imagine run wild and then find a developer to help you to write the source code that will turn it into reality.

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