How to Effectively Promote Your Blog

by WorkFromHome on May 10, 2011

It’s hard to be satisfied with your work on a blog if you’re the only person who ever sees it. To get satisfaction from your blog and to really make a dent in the industry your blog targets, you’re going to need to do some promotion. There are literally thousands of different ways you could promote your blog, but only a handful of these ways are effective. In general, promoting your blog is going to require you to promote yourself as well, since your blog is simply a tool for you to express your thoughts and ideas. The following outlines a complete system for effectively promoting your blog and building your blog’s place in the community that surrounds your industry.

Stay on the Audience’s Mind by Branding Your Blog

Because human beings tend to think in sounds, pictures and relationships, a bit of branding is required to stay on your audience’s mind. Branding is a fancy-sounding term thrown around a lot in the blogging industry, but it’s simply the use of a creative name, design or logo. The point of having this name, design or logo is that it’s easier for people to remember the branding and associate it to remembering the blog than it is for them to initially remember the blog directly.

Effective branding on a blog will use a special phrase or logo that’s catchy and easy to remember on every page of the blog, usually as a part of the header. Later on, if you decide to set up an account on social networking sites or community forums for your blog, you can use your blog’s logo as your forum avatar or display picture while using your catch phrase as your tagline or forum signature. Having your branding everywhere your blog is mentioned will help to build the association in your readers’ minds between the branding and your blog.

Getting Involved in Industry Forums and Message Boards

Every industry has a community based around it, and as someone looking to promote your blog, it’s your job to become part of that community. The online aspect of your industry’s community will tend to have a handful of important Internet forums or message boards that are used for discussion, and it’s absolutely critical that you identify all of the important ones. Once you have your list of message boards, make sure to sign up for an account at each one.

After your accounts are set up, spend a few minutes each day replying to threads or asking questions in each of the forums. Try to make meaningful contributions to the forum and to the community instead of just blatantly spamming information about your blog. Most forums allow links in a forum signature, and that’s where you should put a link to your blog along with your blog’s catchphrase and/or title. Putting your blog’s logo as your forum avatar is another good idea, but just make sure not to overdo it or you’ll end up looking like a spammer.

Commenting on Blogs and the Quality of Your Contributions

While meeting other people in your industry, you’ll also be introduced to other blogs related to your industry. Commenting on these blogs is another effective way of building relationships with people in your niche and promoting your own blog. As with message boards, make sure that you’re not just spamming your brand all over the place without adding value. If you make a blog comment, it should always be high-quality and genuine. By adding value to the community, your viewpoints and opinions on matters will come to be valued by others, and that’s the ultimate level in blog promotion since people will want to read your blog without being convinced that they should.

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