How To Find A Good Data Entry Company to Work For

by WorkFromHome on May 12, 2011

Working as a data entry operator is one of the fastest growing fields for Australians who want to work from home. The Internet has made it possible to work from companies located in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, regardless of whether you live nearby or far away. Data entry work is easy to do, requiring you to have just a computer and an Internet connection, and, best of all, does not require you to have a lot of qualifications or education.

The only challenge is that before you find a good data entry company to work for, you are likely to see a lot of scam artists’ fake job listings on the Internet. These crooks often list job advertisements that claim to be seeking data entry operators to do work from home. Instead, though, they are really looking to steal your identity or your banking information. Read on for how you can avoid these traps and find a great data entry company and enjoy a profitable career in data entry while working from home.

Advertise Yourself

Before you even begin to search for a data entry company to work for, you need to be ready to tell them about yourself. This means putting together a resume that tells potential employers all about your qualifications. While the qualifications to do data entry work are not very complicated, it is important that you are able to demonstrate to data entry companies that you are adept with working with data. You also should indicate that you are detail oriented and have experience working with a computer. If you have previous data entry work, particularly specialized work, such as that in the medical or legal fields, be sure to include that information on your resume.

Data Entry Operator Beware

When you begin to search for a good data entry company to work for, remember that if a job listing sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. This means that if there is an advertisement that claims that a company will pay you an exorbitant amount of money for comparably little data entry work, then it is likely a scam. Do not let yourself get caught up in the lies that this scam artist is selling, as it will only end with your having wasted your time and possibly being swindled out of thousands of dollars.

Stay away from questionable job search websites and advertisements that claim to offer large amounts of cash but fail to describe exactly what type of work you will be doing. You should never pay any potential employer for an “audition” of your data entry work and you also should shy away from requests that you do data entry work for free as a test of your capabilities.

Start Local

Although you may eventually use the Internet to find good data entry companies to do work for, starting with local listings from companies in your area will give you a better chance at finding a legitimate opportunity that will provide you with a steady income from data entry work. If a company is local to your area, then you should be in a better position to know whether or not it is a real business, or if it is a scam. This reduces the chances that you will be scammed and find yourself back at the beginning of your search.

Verify that the business is real by calling the phone number provided and using the Internet to trace it to the physical location listed. If any of this information does not check out, then you should walk away before you waste any more of your valuable time! If you cannot find positions within your local area, then expand outward. You should still take every measure, however, to make certain that the businesses that you contract with are legitimate outfits that will actually pay you for the data entry work that you perform for them.

Doing searches online for reviews of the business and checking with local business bureaus to see if complaints have been lodged about your potential employer is a great way to get a handle on what kind of business practices this data entry company engages in. You may not be a customer, but if they treat their customers poorly, can you imagine how they treat their employees?

Pay To Play

If you are not having any luck with local listings and are turning to the Internet, then it may be time to pay to list your resume on a website for professional freelancers. Make sure that the website offers a large directory of both professionals and clients before you hand over your credit card numbers and post your resume. Your resume, of course, should be a professional one that showcases your best qualifications.

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