How to Find a Legitimate Data Entry Job in Australia

by WorkFromHome on April 30, 2011

Notices that advertise data entry jobs are appearing all over the Internet, but don’t be fooled. Quite a few may be legitimate, but many offers are outright swindles. If you’re searching for a position in data entry from Australia, you will want to find those companies that are offering legitimate data entry positions to trustworthy applicants and ignore those companies whose sole purpose is to steal your money.

Research the Job Market

Know what is required for a data entry position and what types of companies would be offering such positions. If the notice reads as if it’s written by someone who doesn’t know what ‘data entry’ is, then it’s likely the company offering the position is bogus and should be avoided. Do some homework on the company that is offering data entry positions. Is the business the type that would need to have data entry done? Does the company provide a legitimate business service that would make money? If not, this lack of a viable business model is not a good sign.

Don’t Pay to Get the Job

If a site asks you to pay a fee to get the job, forget it — the web site is there not to offer genuine jobs, but instead to make money off gullible job applicants. A legitimate company looking for data entry applicants will never ask for a fee before they hire you. Never give personal financial information, such as a bank account or credit card number, to a site that says they will offer you a job in return for such information. A genuine potential employer will ask only for your resume and a means of contacting you if they decide to hire you. Some employers may even hire you and pay you in advance to give you the assurance that the job offer is not a scam.

Check References

An employer checks out your references to see if you are a trustworthy individual. It’s fair turnaround if you do the same to a potential employer. Find out if other people are making money as employees for this company by checking forums and other websites. If someone you know is already working for the company and says it’s a great deal, ask that person if they can refer you to the company as a good hire for a data entry job. If the opinions on this company that you hear from friends and find on forums are all negative, then don’t go any further in your relationship with that company.

Communicate with the Company

Don’t depend on the website you found that offered data entry positions. Once you know the company’s name, go look at the company’s main website, particularly the Human Resources or Job Opportunities pages. Call the telephone number or send an email or open a chat session with the express purpose of determining if the company is a legitimate employer. Ask the type of questions any applicant would ask, such as the physical location of the company, availability of positions and compensation levels. If you can’t reach anyone or the answers you get are evasive, then forget about applying to this company.

Be Careful Out There

To sum up, just as with any experience you may have on the Internet, be careful of what you’re doing and be vigilant in your actions. There are trustworthy companies out there that are offering data entry positions, but you have to find them. Once you do, return the favour and do the best work you can — your hard work will be rewarded in many ways.

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