How to Find Good Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay Well

by WorkFromHome on May 3, 2011

One of the most popular ways to make money from home using the Internet is to work as a freelance writer. There are countless ways to make this happen if you are willing to do a little research and brush up on your grammatical skills.

How To Begin

Working as a freelance writer can be an amazing job. Web content is highly sought after, and a person specializing in this type of writing can turn it into a full time career. Web content is not the only type of writing positions available, so if this is not your preferred method of writing you do not have to worry.

Once you have determined the style and subject matter you would like to write, you will need to search for freelance positions this can be accomplished in three separate ways: Using a freelance bulletin board, using a job service and joining a freelance company.

  • Freelance Bulletin Boards. This type of website can either be by paid subscription or used for free. Businesses that are looking for writing projects to be completed will post their requirements on the board and accept bids for their completion. Some of the jobs may require you to submit a writing sample with your bid. The process is not as hard as you may think, and many freelance writers only use this type of service. It should be noted, however, that on many of the free sites participants from poorer (third world) nations often compete for these jobs, severely underbidding quality writers. While this may be fine for their situation, it often undermines freelance writers that are trying to make a decent living.
  • Job Services. Many job services now have divisions dedicated to telecommuting positions or off-site workers. Enrolling in one of these services may help you find job positions that are steadier than bidding on each project. These positions are highly sought after though, so the freelance bulletin boards should not be omitted from your search.
  • Freelance Companies. There are several companies on the Internet that hire freelance writers directly and then allow them to select orders from their job boards to complete. You will be required to submit writing samples and be approved before you can actively participate.

What To Expect For Pay

Freelance writing unfortunately does not have any set standard for pay. Some jobs may pay very little, while others seem to be very generous. It will take some time to realize which types of projects are worth your time for the money that they pay. The good news is that once you become accustomed to writing in this fashion your speed and accuracy will improve, increasing your take home pay.

When you are bidding on a writing job you must take many things into consideration. Look at the total word count that is needed and honestly determine how long it will take you to type this amount. If you only key at 20 words per minute, a 1000 word essay will take you 50 minutes to write, at the minimum. If research is required this project can exceed an hour. Now determine what you wish to make for an hour’s worth of work and that is what you will bid. In the future your income will increase significantly as your speed improves.

Ongoing Search For Work

Freelancing jobs are often one-time-only, making the need for continual bidding necessary. This is the nature of this type of position. Until you secure a position with a company as a telecommuter, or are accepted into a freelance company as a writer, this is what you must do to earn a living. It is not as hard as it may seem, and many times the connections that you make will generate new work in the future. Make sure that you keep a copy of everything that you write. It will help you to build a clientele list as well as an impressive portfolio. It will take some time to establish yourself as a freelance writer, but it is worth the effort.

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