How To Find The Work From Home Job That’ll Work For You In The Long Run

by WorkFromHome on July 7, 2011

Anyone can do just about anything for a day or two or even a week, but if you are serious about leaving behind your job as a proofreader, receptionist, waitress or office worker then you need to be confident that the home based career that you have decided to pursue is one that you will be able to grow successfully for several years to come. If you have already decided that you want to work from home, then it is time to stop thinking about how great it will be to say “goodbye” to your obnoxious office mates or your plans to spend your new two hour lunch break watching television and get serious about finding a new home based career path or business option that you can seriously pursue for profit.

Can You Tell A Scam From A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity?

Just about every scam artist hoping to hook unsuspecting at home workers bills itself as a once in a lifetime opportunity, but that does not mean that every opportunity that appeals to you must be a scam. There are, of course, the blatant scams run by unethical individuals, typically from another country where the laws are much more lax, in an attempt to get you to give them your personal identifying information. If this seems to be the case, then keep looking for your dream job!

Freelance writing can often be tricky for newcomers in the field. Some legitimate freelance writing brokers, who will connect up freelance writers with businesses in need of their services, request a set of free articles as a test prior to accepting new freelance writers into their stable of authors. Generally, this is a sign of cheapness, not one of a scam. Act carefully though, since other warning signs, such as poorly worded advertisements, a lack of information about payment or attempts to get personal information or banking data, can mean that this is merely a front for an unethical scam artist’s trap.

Home Based Employment Is The New Rat Race

As you begin to investigate your online work options, remember that you are one of millions of Australians who are hoping to pursue this exciting new way to support your family while still being able to spend time with them. As a result, the level of competition for positions as mundane as data entry or proofreading can be shockingly fierce. Make sure that whenever you apply for a position you have taken all of the steps necessary to ensure that your application shows your skills off to your best advantage.

Although you could simply hit “send” on a standard version of your resume, if you take the time to update your resume for each job application so that it highlights the skill sets and experiences that that position is interested in, you will increase your chances of success in job hunting exponentially. Skilled professionals in technical areas such as IT, income tax accounting, legal services and real estate should especially heed this guidance as finding a home based position that both utilizes their skills, education and experience while allowing them to work from home can be challenging.

There Is No Such Thing As Easy Money

Sadly, while working from home is great for helping both parents of young children and adult children of aging parents to balance the needs of their families and their jobs, it is not any easier than it is to work from an office. That is to say, just because you have set up shop in your home office instead of down the hall from the boss, do not expect to work any fewer hours. In fact, many home based employees report working more hours now that they are able to eliminate their commutes to and from the office.

Having their office, complete with open projects, files, computer and other work, right there in their home also makes it easy for many at home workers to put in extra hours when it comes to crunch time on a project. Your new boss will love having an employee who is able to stay at the office until midnight, but you may not be crazy about being the only one in your remote location looking at a spreadsheet until you go cross eyed. Think over your personal working style carefully before making a leap from the office cubicle to the home office.

If you are a collaborative worker who enjoys being able to bounce ideas off of others, consider whether becoming an independent contractor will make you feel isolated or if you will be just as happy as long as you continue to be engaged by clients rather than striking out into an area that has little contact, such as selling various products over the Internet.

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