How to Get a Virtual Assistant Job

by WorkFromHome on April 1, 2011

A virtual assistant job is not the easiest type of job to find. Millions of women and men who want a stay-at-home job and who have the skills and equipment to do this type of work are applying all over the Internet. There are lots of scam artists out there putting up a website that looks legitimate but is there only to take money from unsuspecting newcomers to the Internet.

There are two ways to approach finding a legitimate virtual assistant job. If you are interested in a job working for an Internet marketer or for a virtual assistant agency you will make a different search than if you want to start your own virtual assistant business with clients. Let’s explore the virtual assistant job.

Virtual Assistant Job

You will find a few virtual assistant jobs through Internet marketing forums or agencies that hire workers to complete jobs. Most virtual assistant jobs you find on a forum start out as part-time job offers for specific projects to be done temporarily or long term. Sometimes the marketer will give you added hope that the job is permanent with an increase of hours over time if s/he likes your work.

Jobs that require a certain number of hours per week or a certain number of tasks to be performed per month can be considered a job. Pay periods vary from weekly to once per month. They also require specific Internet marketing skills. Here is a list of the most needed skills requested by employers:

  1. Writing articles, blog posts, short reports, auto responder sequences, press releases, and sales letters
  2. Setting up hosting accounts, Web 2.0 sites, squeeze pages and ad campaigns
  3. Installing and configuring Word Press blogs, themes, and plugins
  4. Posting articles to blogs and article directories
  5. Social bookmarking
  6. Keyword, content and market research
  7. Seeking JV partners and affiliates
  8. Responding to support tickets
  9. Competitor analysis
  10. Skype capability for conferences and one-on-one contact

Two disadvantages of becoming a virtual assistant employee are your employer may live half way across the world in a different time zone. He may be sleeping while you are up ready to go to work but you have a question that won’t be answered until the next day. You may be expected to write in British or Australian English and will have to spell American English words differently or know that a diaper is called a “nappy.”

Virtual Assistant Entrepreneur

There are several differences in being a virtual assistant employee and a virtual assistant entrepreneur. An entrepreneur will need to have the same skills and equipment as an employee. However, the entrepreneur will also need to find his or her own clients through marketing.

The virtual assistant entrepreneur has more flexibility in work hours and how much money is earned. The entrepreneur may have several clients while the employee is limited to one or two employers if they work a set number of hours for each. The entrepreneur can specialize in the type of work done while the employee is hired for the number of different tasks s/he can do. The entrepreneur can also choose to serve clients in their country where the language and time zones are no more than three or four hours ahead or behind.

Finding a virtual assistant job can be difficult but not impossible. It is one of the most rewarding jobs you can find with all of the benefits and advantages a stay-at-home job can give.

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