How To Get A Work At Home Job

by WorkFromHome on March 2, 2012

When you are looking for a work at home position you should know that these positions are highly coveted, and in some cases there may be a lot of competition for the position. While the availability of these jobs is increasing as employers see the many benefits of having remote employees, it is still important that you know what to do, and what not to do, when you are applying for a work at home job.

If you are serious about getting a position as a telecommuter, you should carefully review the following list so you know what employers are searching for in telecommuting employees.

  • Never Apply For A Position You Are Not Qualified To Perform. If you are serious about working from home you should review your skills and your experience and apply for positions that meet those requirements. While some people will tell you that you may receive the position anyways, in reality you are wasting your valuable time. There are positions out there that do not require experience or specific skills, or have requirements that you meet, focus your energy on these positions.
  • Always Follow Application Instructions. Employers often put specific instructions in their job postings to see if you are capable of following instructions, even if they are ridiculous. If they request that you send in your qualifications via snail mail on lined index cards, do exactly that. If you assume that you “know better” and submit your CV via their online site or through an email, it will be rejected automatically.
  • Always Act Professional In Your Correspondence. Most of your initial contact with the company will be through the Internet. You should always double check your spelling and refrain from using Internet slang. Before you present a question about the position or the company, make sure that it has not already been answered in the job posting, or that it is not something you can find out on your own from their website. The more professional you look, the better your chances are to receive a job offer.
  • Make Sure Your CV And References Are Current. If your CV is out dated, the company will be under the impression that you are disorganised. This is very damaging to your credibility. You need to look like you are on top of everything.
  • Do Not Make Unreasonable Demands For Pay. When you work as a telecommuter you should expect to earn a comparable wage to what that position will make in an office setting. Many people balk at this idea because of the money that businesses save by using telecommuters, but most businesses turn to telecommuters to do just that – save money. They are not going to pay more for an employee to work at home. You should look at the additional benefits you receive, however, and realise that even at the same pay, you come out on top. When you work from home you no longer have transportation costs or other costs associated with attending work in an office.

Why Are Telecommuting Hiring Practices So Strict?

When a company is hiring an off-site employee, they must make sure that this employee is capable of performing their job in a timely manner and without direct supervision. You are representing their company, and they need to believe that you will do so in a professional way. Hiring a telecommuter is much different than having an office employee that can be checked upon on a regular basis.

Corporations have seen the benefits of hiring telecommuters during the recent economic downturn, but they are still learning the industry. As this type of profession becomes more commonplace the hiring practices may not be as strict. Until then, you must follow the rules if you want to enter into this industry.

Things To Remember When You Are Hired

Once you are hired, it is important to treat this position as respectful as you would an office based job. If you are performing call centre duties, make sure your toddler does not answer the phone. If you are required to be on duty to run live chat on the Internet at a specific time, make sure that you are there. This industry has the potential to grow exponentially, and with that growth will come new opportunities to earn more money. However, if businesses begin to see failures in this type of work, the industry will quickly fade away.

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