How to Make Money Taking Photos Even if You’re not a Photographer

by WorkFromHome on May 4, 2011

It’s easier than you think to earn some extra money snapping pictures. If you’ve got access to the internet, a PC and a digital camera you can be on your way to earning cash snapping photos. There are plenty of stock photography sites that enable you to earn money selling your photos online, a few main players for Australian’s to sell their photos on are, and . People and businesses refer to these stock photo websites when they need images for selling their products or presenting them to an audience.

Creating Stock Photos For Cash

With so many stock photo sites out there, there’s something for everyone. All you need to do is sign up to one or more of these sites, upload your photos for sale and they in turn sell these to businesses or private individuals who are looking for pictures like yours. Once someone buys your photo, the stock photo site then deposits the money in your online account minus a commission for the use of their services. The photos you upload must be original and your own creations, this is very important.

Increase Your Odds Of Having Your Images Accepted

It’s a good idea to have a look at other photos on the stock photo sites to get some great ideas. Be confident in your abilities and don’t be overwhelmed by the work of others. Use their examples to tweak your skills and become inspired. Try to be unique and create some unusual and different ideas which will make you stand out. Be sure that your photos are of the utmost clarity and focus.

It’s important not to take any photos of company logos or trademarks. If there is a person in your photo, you need to make sure they have given their written consent to be photographed and for their image to be sold. The same goes for the owner of any trademark or logo. If this is a nuisance, it may be easier just to avoid taking photos with trademarks or people. As time goes by, and you take more and more pictures, you will discover your own individual niche.

Handling Rejection

If your pictures aren’t immediately accepted, don’t take it to heart. Some of these photo websites have stringent rules and regulations and may possibly turn you down at first. Have a look at the images that do make it through and try to envision what you should change. You can build upon your mistakes and greatly improve by examining the work of your peers.

Picking The Right Keywords

By choosing the best keywords for your pictures you will increase your odds of getting the most exposure. Remember, you are going up against thousands of other photographers. Take a look at others’ photos which have similar content, to get some ideas for quality keywords. Another handy idea is to take a look at a thesaurus and get some synonyms together.

Give Your Creativity A Boost

Gather your pennies and purchase a quality picture editing program. There are several to choose from. Research them and try to get one that offers the most for the money and fits your criteria. This will provide you with a lot of great tools to put your best foot forward.

Recommend Your Friends To Stock Photo Websites

Many folks earn a good percentage of their cash by referring their friends to their favourite image site. Get your friends to register and every time someone buys one of their images, you will get a percentage. At first this may seem like not much money. However over time, if you add a decent amount of friends who are successfully marketing their pictures, your earnings will grow. Some of these websites do not pay for referrals. You will have to make sure your site does.

Get The Word Out

Utilize every chance you get to let people see what you are doing. Include hyperlinks in your messages to friends which they can click to view your work. Join chat rooms where folks like you discuss their own tips and tricks of the trade. This is often the best way to find excellent free advice. Think about setting up a site that shows visitors a sample of your best stuff and includes links to your photos.

Collecting Your Rewards

After your accumulated earnings have reached a particular threshold, which varies depending on the site you decide to use to sell your photography through, you will be able to receive payment, these payments are usually paid to via Bank Deposit, PayPal or a cheque.

Keep At It And Don’t Give Up

This, like everything else, requires work. The rewards can be amazing. Learn as you go and you will exceed beyond your expectations.

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